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See a <a _fcknotitle="true" href="Comprehensive List of Rochdale Chapelries">Comprehensive List of Rochdale Chapelries</a>

Part of this parish is in Yorkshire. See also <a href="Rochdale St Chad, Yorkshire">Rochdale St Chad</a>, Yorkshire.

Parish History

ROCHDALE St Chad, a borough, market-town, and parish, and the head of a union, chiefly in the hundred of Salford, S. division of the county of Lancaster, but partly in the Upper division of the wapentake of Agbrigg, W. riding of York, 10½ miles north by northeast of Manchester.A Topographical Dictionary of England by Samuel Lewis (1848), pp. 679-686.&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;nbsp;Adapted. Date accessed: 20 July 2010.

Rochdale St Chad Parish, serving a population of nearly one hundred thousand (by 1851), was not the only church built within its boundary. St Chad's parish boundary was divided up into about twenty chapelry districts, each with is own chapel of ease (or church), with baptism and burial registers (rarely marriages--which instead were usually performed at the ancient parish of St Chad's, Rochdale), standing within its parish boundary. Be certain to see the <a _fcknotitle="true" href="Comprehensive List of Rochdale Chapelries">Comprehensive List of Rochdale Chapelries</a> in order to identify its chapels and the availability of all their registers which covered this ancient parish. Identifying all of St Chad's chapels will greatly faclitate thorough research in this parish.

For a list of other places within the boundary of this parish, view an excellent 1870 historical summary of Rochdale at <a href="">VisionofBritain</a>.


<a href="Lancashire Cemeteries">Cemeteries</a>

The Family History Library's British collection has monumental transcriptions of Hawkshead parish and for the Society of Friends old burial ground.

<a href="England Civil Registration">Civil Registration of Births, Marriages & Deaths - 1837 to the Present</a>

Read about <a _fcknotitle="true" href="England Civil Registration">England Civil Registration</a> (vital records) of birth, marriages and deaths on the England main page.

Online Indexes

There are two separate (free) indexes available for Lancashire civil registration of births, marriages and deaths. One index covers all registrations nation-wide, and one index covers the copies of the local registration districts' certificate copies for all registration districts throughout Lancashire, as follows:

  • <a href="">FreeBMD</a> - an online (free) nation-wide index to the certificates held at the General Registrar's Office, formerly in London, now in Solihull, Merseyside, UK. The years currently covered in this index include July, 1837 to at least 1940.
  • <a href="">LancashireBMD</a> - an online index (free) to county-wide births, marriages and deaths for all registration districts throughout Lancashire, for the following range of years and their events: <a href="">births 1837-1974</a>; <a href="">marriages 1837-2010</a>; <a href="">deaths 1837-1975</a>.
  • (below) provides numerous parish and chapel transcriptions online (free) running concurrent with the post-1837 to 1910 period. While the parish registers are not certified copies of the civil certificates of birth and death, they do however, often provide primary source birth (baptisms/christenings) and death (burials) information; of especial note are the post-1837 parish marriage registers which provide an exact replica of the civil registration certificates of marriages.


FamilySearch's Family History Library British collections holds the quarterly indexes of births, marriages and deaths from July, 1837 to 1983 in microform media.

<a href="Lancashire Church Records">Church Records</a>

Online Records 

St Chad Rochdale parish has been a very populated township possessing about 20 or more chapelries, and district churches each with church registers. There are online transcriptions for St Chad Rochdale Parish, and for the baptism, marriage and burial registers of many of its attached chapelries lying within its boundary. Displayed below are those chapelries attached to St Chad ancient parish) along with the ranges of years for which there are available online data at the web sites indicated below: 

FS =<a href=""></a>
LOPC<a href="">Lancashire Online Parish Clerk project</a>
FMP =  <a href=""></a>
LBMD<a href="">Lancashire</a>
AC = <a href=""></a>
FREG =<a href="">FreeReg</a>
GLUK = <a href="">Genealogylinksuk</a>
GENGLD =<a href=""></a>
HATH =<a href="">Hathi Trust Digital Libr</a>
TODWLS = <a href="">TodmrdnWlsWbst</a>




Baptisms Marriages Burials
FS <a href="">1582-1894</a> <a href="">1582-1898</a>   
LOPC <a href="">1642-1835</a> <a href="">1582-1898</a> <a href="">1582-1837;1862-1896</a>
LBMD None <a href="">1837-1940</a> None
AC  <a href="">1582-1616</a> <a href="">1701-1801</a> <a href="">1582-1616</a>
Baptisms Marriages Burials
LOPC <a href="">1802-1836</a> None <a href="">1826-1836</a>
Baptisms Marriages Burials
LBMD <a href="">1856-1925</a>
Baptisms Marriages Burials
FS <a href="">1582-1801</a> <a href="">1582-1802</a> None 
LOPC <a href="">1715-1851</a> None <a href="">1799-1848</a>
LBMD None None
Baptisms Marriages Burials
FS <a href="">1787-1843</a> <a href="">1855-1910</a> <a href="">1788-1897</a> 
LOPC None None None
LBMD None <a href="">1845-1974</a> None
AC  None None None
Baptisms Marriages Burials
FS <a href="">1767-1910</a> <a href="">1845-1892</a> <a href="">1788-1846</a>
LOPC None None None
LBMD None <a href="">1845-1974</a> None
AC  None None None
Baptisms Marriages Burials
FS <a href="">1849-1910</a> <a href="">1850-1889</a>  <a href="">1868-1935</a> 
LOPC None None None
LBMD None <a href="">1845-1974</a> None
AC  None None None
HEY (or CHURCH LEES) ST JOHN THE BAPTIST CHAPELRY (1743) Indexes - partly in Ashton under Lyne
Baptisms Marriages Burials
FS <a href="">1743-1821</a>  <a href="">1860-1892</a>  <a href="">1788-1846</a> 
LOPC None None <a href="">1867-1887</a>
LBMD None None
FMP None None <a href="">1744-1887</a>
Baptisms Marriages Burials
FS None <a href="">1848-1935 </a> <a href="">1850-1993</a>
LOPC None None None
LBMD None <a href="">1850-1974</a> None
Baptisms Marriages Burials
FS <a href="">1715-1758; 1840-1904</a> None  None
LOPC None None None
LBMD None <a href="">1838-1935</a> None
Baptisms Marriages Burials
FS <a href="">1788-1818</a> None <a href="">1788-1817</a>
LOPC None None None
LBMD None <a href="">1845-1974</a>  None
AC  None None None

Baptisms Marriages Burials
FS <a href="">1613-1846</a> <a href="">1613-1800</a> <a href="">1800-1827</a>
LOPC None None None
LBMD None <a href="">1837-1974</a> None
HATH <a href="">1613-1751</a> <a href="">1613-1751</a> <a href="">1613-1751</a>
Baptisms Marriages Burials
FS <a href="">1834-1850</a> None <a href="">1848-1857</a>
LOPC None None None
LBMD None <a href="">1838-1925</a> None
AC None None None
Baptisms Marriages Burials
FS <a href="">1835-1894</a> <a href="">1837-1892</a> <a href="">1835-1864</a>
LOPC None None None
LBMD None None
AC  None None None
Baptisms Marriages Burials
FS <a href="">1624-1824</a> <a href="">1669-1831</a> <a href="">1744-1825</a>
LOPC <a href="">1628-1633; 1670-1740</a> <a href="">1669-1812</a> <a href="">1628-1633;1670-1741</a>
AC <a href="http://familysearch,org">1670-1812</a> <a href="http://familysearch,org">1670-1812</a> <a href="http://familysearch,org">1670-1812</a>
GLUK <a href="">1781-1857 (part.)</a> <a href="">1822-1838;1844-1874</a> (part.) <a href="">1666-1904 </a>(part.)
TODWLS <a href="">1680-1901</a> (part.) <a href="">1680-1901</a> (part.) <a href="">1680-1901</a> (part.)
Baptisms Marriages Burials
FS None None None
LOPC None None None
GLUK None <a href="">1822-1838;1844-1874</a> None
Baptisms Marriages Burials
FS None None None
LOPC <a href="">1843-1848</a> None None
LBMD None <a href="">1858-1983</a> None
Baptisms Marriages Burials
FS <a href="">1878-1914</a> <a href="">1848-1900</a> <a href="">1848-1900</a>
TODWLS <a href="">1845-1878 (part.)</a> <a href="">1845-1878 (part.)</a> <a href="">1845-1878 (part.)</a>
LOPC None None None
Baptisms Marriages Burials
FS <a href="">1821-1874</a>  <a href="">1822-1860</a> None
LOPC None None None
LBMD <a href="">1895-1937</a> None <a href="">1895-1937</a>
Baptisms Marriages Burials

<a href="">1700-1734;1749-1780;</a>

<a href="">1783-1789;1791-1798;</a>

<a href="">1812-1873</a>

<a href="">1749-1776;1791-1870</a> <a href="">1673-1855</a>
LOPC None None None
LBMD <a href="">1837-1940</a> <a href="">1859-1925</a> <a href="">1837-1953</a>
Baptisms Marriages Burials
FS 1759-1840 None <a href="">1784-1797;1813-1840</a>
LOPC <a href="">1758-1851</a> None <a href="">1784-1851</a>
LBMD None <a href="">1845-1969</a> None
UKLK <a href="">1895-1937</a> None <a href="">1800-1900's</a>

Those registers of St Chad's and its other chapelries which have no known online content, include the following ones:

- St Chad's Rochdale - bapts 1836-1900 (the ancient/mother parish)
- St Mary Rochdale - 1742 (bapts & marriages; <a href="">burials are available through FamilySearch</a>)
- St Martin Rochdale - 1820
- Littleborough - 1741 - nil
- Lydgate St Marys - from 1788
- Saddleworth - from 1612 - Smallbridge - from 1834
- Spotland St Clement - from 1835 
- Todmorden - from 1625
- Todmorden Christ Church - from 1832
- Walsden - from 1845 
- Wardleworth St James - from 1821

- Wardle with Wuerdle St John (see Smallbridge)
- Wardleworth St Mary the Baum – from 1747 

While the above chapelries and St Chad's registers do not currently have online indexed content, FamilySearch does have microfilm copies of the original Bishop's transcripts and/or parish registers for most of Rochdale's chapels of ease and churches. Most of the original church or chapel registers are found at the Manchester Central Library Local Studies Unit, Lancashire, England, or, at the local chapel.

<a href="Lancashire Census">Census</a>

The Family History Library has an 1851 census surname index of Lancashire - Rochdale, Butterworth & Castleton subdistricts: Public Redords Office ref HO 107/2244. FHL British Book 942.72 X22c v 21 and on FHL British Microfiche 6414326

Poor Law Unions

Rochdale Parish was the head of a poor law union.

<a href="Lancashire Probate Records">Probate records with indexes are available for Hawkshead Parish</a>

Go to the <a href="Lancashire Probate Records">Lancashire Probate Records</a> and follow the step by step instructions to find the name of the court having primary jurisdiction and search the records.

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