Romania Letter Writing Guide

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The following is a guide for composing a letter in Romanian language asking for genealogical information. You may adapt it to your needs and use it to write to the Romanian State Archives, local civil records office or parish in Romania.

Stimate Domni/Parente, Avind o mare dragoste pentru stramosii mei din Romania, doresc foarte mult sa complectez istoria familiei mele de acolo. Din acest motiv, apelez la bunavointa Dumneavoastra cu speranta ca ma veti putea ajuta cu pocurarea unor date oficiale referitoare la stramosii mei. In mod specific, as dori sa aflu mai multe detailii genealogice despre persoana urmatoare:

Numele stramosului (if the ancestors was a male)/stramoasei (if the ancestor was a female):
Locul de Nastere:

Roman Catholic
Greek Catholic

Evangelica Luterana

Data de Nastere (aproximativa):

Data de Casatorie (aproximativa):

Altimembri ale Farniliei: NAMES OF OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS WITH RELATIONSHIP, CONSULT LIST BELOW Father ........... Tata Sister ......... " Sora Mother ........ Mother Husband ....... Sotul Brother ........ Fratele Wife ........... Sotia

Pentru a documenta istoria stramosilor mei, as dori foarte mult sa pro cur copii din certificatele lor de nastere/casatorie/deces. Dace in acelas timp puteti se-mi procurati deasemeni copii din acetele oficiale sau sa Ie transcrieti ale parintilor lui, care erau sp~i sa fi locuit in acela§i loc, v-a~ ramIne foacte recunascator daca ati putea sa-mi trimiteti si informatia aceasta. Deoarece iu nu ~tiu limba Romiina--scrisoarea aceasta fiind scrisa cu ajutorul unui prieten, v-~ ruga sa-rni scrieti toate numele ~i localitatile rare inflexii gramaticale.

A-si aprecia foarte mult daca rni-ati scrie care ar fi costul total allucrarii efectuate de Dumneavoastra. In asteptarea raspunsului Dumneavoastra, prirniti va rog inalta mea consideratie.

Ceu mullumiri,


Esteemed Sir/Pastor, Priest,

Having a great love for my ancestor from Romania, I would like very much to complete the history of my family there. For this reason I appeal to your amiability in the hope that you will aid me in the procurement of official records pertaining to my ancestry. Specifically I would like more information about the following individual:

Name of ancestor:
Place of birth:
Birthdate (approximate if necessary):
Marriage date (approximate if necessary):
Other members of the family (Information about parents, brothers, sisters, husband or wife, etc. may help the priest or archivist in researching).

I would like to ask for certificates of birth/marriage/death. If you could at the same time find information on his parents, who are said to have lived at the same place, I would be most grateful. If possible, I would like to procure exact copies or transcriptions of the actual records. Inasmuch as I do not know Romanian--this letter has been written by a friend-- I would ask that you please give the information without grammatical endings.

Please let me know the cost of your work so that I can make payment. I am anxiously awaiting your reply, for which I will be most grateful.

Sincerely, SIGNATURE

(Be sure to type your name and and address clearly and distinctly).