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Problem:  I’ve signed in, so why are the images still unavailable?
Answer:  The Russia Samara Church Books, 1869-1917 is a restricted image collection. FamilySearch has rights given by the Russian Society of Historians and Archivists, in Moscow, Russia to publish images online to users with an LDS sign in. An LDS sign in can only be obtained by those having an LDS membership record number.

These records are available on microfilm which can be ordered for viewing into the nearest FamilySearch Center. Click here for instructions on how to order microfilms.

If you have an LDS account and are not able to view the images after signing in, it may be due to a registration problem and not an image access problem. Please call 866-406-1830 in the United States or contact patron services at Please include a brief description of the problem and step taken thus far to resolve the issue. 

Please include the following information when reporting problems: 
○ The name of this collection.
○ If browsing this collection, please include the full path you followed to where the problem occurs. Example: Russia, Samara Church Books, 1869-1917 > Самара > Самара, Троицкая церковь > 1870  Vol. 45 Births,deaths (Рождения, смерти) > Image 1 of 14
○ If you are reporting a technical issue, please include your operating system and browser version (i.e. Windows XP, Internet Explorer 8)

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