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Germany Gotoarrow.png Kingdom of Saxony Gotoarrow.png Civil Registration

Finding Civil Registration Records in Freistaat Sachsen

Civil Registration began in the Freistaat Sachsen in 1876. For records please contact the local Standesamt or the communal archive. Link:

For help in Locating Leipzig Civil Registration Districts please click here.

Standesamt addresses


With the reform of the Personenstandsrecht (civil registration) in February 2007 the following rules apply regarding access to records from the civil registration office: marriage records available after 80 years, birth records after 110 years and deaths after 30 years from the date of occurrance. In other words, since July 1, 2009 issuing civil registration documents effects the following time frames: Births from 1876 to 1898, marriages from 1876 to 1928 and deaths from 1876 to 1978.  Requests for documents covering these periods will be processed by the city archive, not the Standesamt. 

Requests to the city archive will be charged as follows:

For 30 minutes of research = 20.00 EUROS

3.00 EUROS for a copy + 1.00 EURO for reproduction

plus delivery charges.

Stadt Leipzig, Der Oberbürgermeister Hauptamt, Stadtarchiv

Postanschrift: 04092 Leipzig Hausanschrift: Torgauer Str. 74, 04318 Leipzig

Tel.: 0341/2429 105 Fax: 0341/ 2429 121 E-Mail: Internet:

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