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The Neues allgemeines deutsches Adels-Lexicon is a historical encyclopedia of the German nobility. It is the work of Professor Dr. Ernst Heinrich Kneschke who published it between 1859 to 1870 (9 volumes) at Friedrich Voigt in Leipzig. To give the reader a better overview of the history, statistics, genealogy and heraldry concerning nobility the books lists families in alphabetical order. The origins of the family is mentioned, the ancestral seat, sometimes the family crest is shown, details of family history and prominent relatives are listed. Of worth are the biographical details with references to almost all families. The nine volumes are online at 

The Neues allgemeines deutsches Adels-Lexicon was continued in 1942 through the Gothaischen Genealogischen Taschenbücher der Adeligen Häuser

Source: Wikipedia: Neues allgemeines deutsches Adels-Lexikon