Self Help Copy Services at the Family History Library

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Information about photocopying and making digital copies.

Self-help copy equipment is available at copy centers on each floor of the Family History Library. The cost for a copy from a book or computer is U.S. $.05. The cost for a copy from a microfilm or microfiche is U.S. $.23. A color copier is available at the Access Services window on the Main Floor of the library. The cost per color copy is U.S.$1.00.

Copy cards can be purchased for U.S. $1.00 at copy centers on each floor. A one-time cost for the card is U.S. $.60, which includes U.S. $.40 credit. Additional money can be credited to the card by inserting the card into the copy-card machine.

Digital copies can be made from microfilm, microfiche and books.  Images may be saved to writeable compact discs or flash drives. The cost for a writeable disc is U.S. $.75 at the Access Services window on the 2nd Floor.

Making photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material is governed by copyright law. The person using self-help equipment is solely responsible for abiding by copyright law and may be liable for any infringement.