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Senja judicial district has records 1706-1877 in Troms county.

Senja judicial district includes these places:

  • Andørja
  • Astafjord
  • Bardu
  • Berg
  • Bjarkøy
  • Dyrøy
  • Gratangen
  • Harstad ladestedet
  • Ibestad
  • Kvæfjord
  • Lavangen
  • Salangen
  • Sandtorg
  • Skånland
  • Sørreisa
  • Torsken
  • Tranøy
  • Trondenes

The probate records usually contain the date of probate, name of the deceased, names of heirs, guardians and trustees, inventory lists, land and holdings and other miscellaneous information. For the years 1776-1809 see Troms county probate records.