Sjømannsmisjon (Le Havre-France), Norway

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Norway > Bergen > Sjømannsmisjon (Le Havre, France)

Church Records

These church records were made by the Norwegian seaman's priests at the Le Havre, France station. They include the births, confirmations, marriages, and deaths of the seamen and their families. The priest were required to make two copies of the original records. One copy was sent to the secretary of the Norwegian seamans mission in Bergen, Norway and the other copy was sent to the bishop of the State Church (Lutheran) in Bergen, Norway during the month of Feb. each year. For each ordinance that the priest performed he was also required to sent a certificate of the ordinance to the priest in the home town of the seaman for recording in that church book as well.  Microfilm available at the Family History Libraryfor the years 1873-1889.

Digitized images of the church books available online at Digitalarkivet (Digital Archives).

Den Norske kirke.  Sjømannsmisjon (Le Havre, France):  1873-1889