Slovenia Emigration and Immigration

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City of Ljubljana and its suburbs

Following transient population registration for people emigrating from, and immigrating to, Ljubljana, capitol of Slovenia, formerly Laibach in the Krain province of the Austrian Empire, are available in the Historical Archive Ljubljana and through the Family History Library.

Also called Meldebogen or Meldezettel, these forms are mostly preprinted and filled out either in German and/or Slovenian. Occasionally, personal documents can be found attached to the forms. Forms are arranged alphabetically by the surnames and names of the heads of households and are very useful for genealogical research.

A registration form was filled out for each individual or a family. The entries include the head of household, followed by the name of wife, and children. In case of a married woman, usually her maiden name was given.

Popis prebivalstva 1900-1942

This form contains the following information:

  • name and surname
  • status
  • profession/relationship of the family members to the head of household
  • date and place of birth
  • homeland (citizenship)
  • which document proves the homeland (citizenship) rights
  • present and previous residences

The form may also contain:

  • religion
  • date and place of death
  • date and place of marriage
  • parents' names

Click here to see the description of records available through the Family History Library.

Zglasnice 1874-1924

Click here to see the description of records available through the Family History Library.

Zglasnice 1897-1901

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Passenger Lists in the Port of Trieste

Trieste, the main Austrian port, assumed the function of the port of emigration in 1904. The number of people who emigrated via the Port of Trieste was for a long time recorded only in the form of summary reports according to gender as well as province or country of origin.

Only in 1912 did the Trieste port authorities begin compiling detailed passenger records that included name and surname, age, marital status, profession, last place of residence, citizenship, port of destination as well as the ship and the date of departure for each steerage passenger. One copy of these records for the period 1912-1914 can be found in the Austrian State Archive in Vienna in the records of the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Trade, one copy for 1914 is also kept by the State Archive in Trieste in the records of the Maritime Government. The records include data on a total of nearly 87000 emigrants who emigrated during those years via Trieste to the USA, South America and Canada with the Austrian national company Austro-Americana, the English Cunard Line and the Canadia Pacific Railway Company. Nearly half of all emigrants came from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, while the rest of them were predominently from Russia, Turkey, Greece, Italy, and Romania.

For more information see article written by Aleksej Kalc and published in Drevesa (FHL serial 949.73 D25d copy 2,L.8, s.3, Nov 2001).