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Aufnahmsbogen 1830-1847

Aufnahmsbogen is the oldest preserved census in the Historical Archive Ljubljana. It is available on microfilms through the Family History Library. This census covers people who then lived within the area of the 17th consription district and comprises the City of Ljubljana (capitol of Slovenia, formerly Laibach in the Krain province of the Austrian Empire) and its suburbs: Gradišče [Gradischa], Kapucinsko [Kapuzina], Karlovsko [Karlstädt], Karolinsko [Karolinengrund], Krakovsko [Krakau], Kurjavas [Hühnerdorf], Poljansko [Pollana], Sv. Petr [Sct. Peters], Trnovsko [Tirnau]. Note: German place names in parentheses.

The headings of the census forms are written in German. One census form was completed for each individual family. The first five columns contain personal data about householders or family members of specific families. The rest of the form is for military purposes and it contains so called eligibility ledgers.

The census forms were filled out in succession by house numbers, first of the City of Ljubljana, followed by the census forms of houses in the Ljubljana suburbs. The first five columns are of most relevance: house number, name of the owner of the house, name of the resident (including relationship to the head of the household), year of birth(occasionally also day and month) and profession.

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Personal name index to the Aufnahmsbogen is available on FHL INTL Film 2236711 Item 2. Persons are listed alphabetically, together with their residence.

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Conscription Elaborat 1846

Conscription Elaborat refers to various conscription documents for the 17th conscription district such as summary sheets etc.

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Conscriptionsliste 1849-1850, 1852-1853

This set of records contains conscription lists for males, 20-30 years old, living in the City of Ljubljana and its suburbs. The forms were filled out first for the city and then for the suburbs. Each section is divided into age catagories according to the year of birth. Each category was filled out in sucession by house numbers.

Example: Forms filled out in 1849 include males 20-30 years old. Each section is divided into 11 age categories. 1st category lists all males born in 1829, 2nd category lists males born in 1828 and so forth until the last, 11th category lists those born in 1819.

Vojni ujetniki 1942-1945

This set of records contains identification cards of Slovene prisoners of war from WWII. Forms are preprinted in Italian and information is mostly typed in Italian, Slovenian and German. Some forms include a photograph. I rare cases, there may be other documents attached. Arrangement is alphabetical.

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