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[http://digitalarkivet.arkivverket.no/ft/sok/1910 1910 Census search at Digitalarkivet]  
[http://digitalarkivet.arkivverket.no/ft/sok/1910 1910 Census search at Digitalarkivet]  
=== Links to census databases in Digitalarkivet ===
[http://digitalarkivet.arkivverket.no/finn_kilde?s=&fra=&til=&ka%5B%5D=0&kt%5B%5D=FOLK&kt%5B%5D=KFOT&k%5B%5D=1111 Sokndal]
=== Court Records  ===
=== Court Records  ===

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Norway > Rogaland County > Sokndal

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Stift (diocese) Bergen
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Kommune (municipality) Stavanger

Church Records

Sokndal kyrkje.jpg
Parish records begin in 1725. Contains priest and sexton records from the parishes Sokndal and Åna Chapel. Included Hidra (Hitterø) parish in Flekkefjord clerical district in Vest-Agder county until 1820.

Digital images of the church books are available at Digitalarkivet.
Sokndal: 1729-1918
Sokndal / Ladestedet: 1887-1934
Sokndal / Landsoknet: 1908-1934
Sokndal / Sokndal: 1826-1874
Sokndal / Sokndal og Ånasira: 1880-1891
Sokndal / Sokndal og Ånasira kapellsokn: 1904-1935

Census Records

1664-1666 Census (Manntall) Dalernes prosti Sogndal (Sokndal) clerical district Sogndal (Sokndal) parish Hitterø (Hidra) annex. This census was taken by the local parish priests. Sogneprestenes manntall 1664-1666 Microfilm

Jæderen og Dalene fogderi Sogndal (Sokndal) skibrede This census was taken by the local civil authorities. Fogdernes og sorenskrivernes manntall 1664-1666 Microfilm

Manntall 1663-66 for Stavanger amt I Database

  • 1701 Census (Manntall) Rogaland couty Jæderen og Dalene fogderi Sogndal (Sokndal) clerical district. The census of 1701 was taken for military purposes. It lists only the males living in rural districts who were over the age of one year. It includes the farm name, name and age of the owner, names and ages of sons and servants. Also includes the residence of all unmarried males living away from home when the census was taken.

Manntall 1701 Microfilm

Manntallet 1701 for Stavanger amt Database

  • 1801 Census (Folketellingen) Sokndal clerical district includes Sokndal and Åna-Sira parishes. It lists the farm name, person's name, position in the household, age, marital status, and occupation.

Folketellingen den 1ste februar 1801 for Sokndal Microfilm

1801-telling for Soggendahl Database

  • 1835 Census (Folketelling) The 1835 census of Sokndal clerical district lists the farm name, persons name, age, occupation, and marital status. It also includes statistics.

Folketelling 1855 Sokndal prestegjeld Microfilm

This census contains the persons name, residence, status in the family, occupation, sex, martial status, place of birth, religion if not a member of the state church, and other miscellaneous information. Each book usually contains one clerical district (prestegjeld). In some books there are two clerical districts recorded. The parishes and school districts in each clerical district are listed at the beginning of each book.

1865-telling for Sogndal Database

  • 1875 Census (Folketellingen)

Folketellingen for kongeriket Norge den 31te desember 1875 for Sokndal Microfilm

This 1875 census contains the persons name, whether resident or temporary resident, those absent from the parish and their location at the time of the census, position in the family, occupation, sex, marital status, year of birth, place of birth, religion if not a member of the state church, and other miscellaneous information.

1875-teljinga for Sokndal Database

  • 1900 Census (Folketellingen)

Folketellingen for Norge den 3dje desember 1900 for Sokndal Microfilm

This census contains the persons name, whether resident or temporary resident, those absent from the parish, and their location at the time of the census, position in the family, marital status, occupation, date of birth, place of birth, citizenship, religion, and other miscellaneous information.

1900-telling for Soggendal Database

  • 1910 Census (Folketellingen]

1910 Census search at Digitalarkivet

Links to census databases in Digitalarkivet


Court Records

Land Records

Probate Records

For 1666-1822 the probates are found in Jæren og Dalane judicial district.
For 1823-1882 they are found in Dalane judicial district.
The clerical probates for 1729-1807 are found in Dalane deanery.


Jæren og Dalane judicial district
*1666-1822 Family History Library
*1667-1867 Digitalarkivet
*1666-1815 Probate card indexes sorted by farm name Digitalarkivet

Dalane judicial district
*1823-1882 Family History Library
*1867-1882 Digitalarkivet.

Dalane deanery
*1729-1807 Clerical probate records Family History Library
*1729-1807 Digitalarkivet.

Sokndal police station
*1889-1972 death protocol Digitalarkivet

Farm Books

Farm history of farms in Sokndal community containing vital information on farm residents. (The title for indicates all of the volumes are for Mydland farm, but vols. 2-4 are for other farms.)

Olsen Trygve Ege, "Fortid og folk på Mydland i Sokndal kommune", Sokndal : Sokndal Ættesogelag, 2004- .

948.31/S3 D2o v.1 FHL INTL Book 948.31/S3 D2o index FHL INTL Book

v. 2 Farm history of farms 21 -33 in Sokndal community containing vital information on farm residents.

v. 3 Farm history of farms 34-45 in Sokndal community containing vital information on farm residents.

v. 4 Farm history of farms 8-18 in Sokndal community containing vital information on farm residents.

Farm Book on the Internet

Stein Norem Wisteds slektsgranskingssider (Family history pages)

The farms in the parish are in alphabetical order in the left column on the page. When you click on the farm, you will find a list of the families who lived on the farm. There are cross references to the the farm and family number when they resided in another place.

Farm Names

Farm no. Farm (Rygh Spelling) Modern spelling Parish Clerical District
16 Aalgaard lille Ålgård lille Sogndal Sogndal
17 Aalgaard store Ålgård store Sogndal Sogndal
31 Aamdal lille Omdal lille Sogndal Sogndal
33 Aamdal store Omdal store Sogndal Sogndal
45 Aamot Åmodt Sogndal Sogndal
53 Aaros Åros Sogndal Sogndal
47 Aarstad Årstad Sogndal Sogndal
21 Aarsvold Årsvold Sogndal Sogndal
90 Aavendal Åvendal Sogndal Sogndal
62 Bakke Bakke Sogndal Sogndal
65 Barstad vestre Barstad vestre Sogndal Sogndal
64 Barstad østre Barstad østre Sogndal Sogndal
85 Berrjod Berglyd (Berlie) Sogndal Sogndal
88 Birkeland Birkeland Sogndal Sogndal
107 Bjelland Bjelland Sogndal Sogndal
84 Braasund Bråsund Sogndal Sogndal
41 Brandsberg Brandsberg Sogndal Sogndal
14 Brombu Brambo Sogndal Sogndal
2 Bu Bu Sogndal Sogndal
108 Buarlund Buarlund under Refsland Sogndal Sogndal
76 Bøismyren Bøysmyr Sogndal Sogndal
73 Drageland Drageland Sogndal Sogndal
3 Dydland Dydland Sogndal Sogndal
104 Eia Eia (Eie) Sogndal Sogndal
60 Eigeland Egeland Sogndal Sogndal
9 Eigeland paa Sireheien Egeland på Sireheien Sogndal Sogndal
91 Eigeli lille Egeli lille Sogndal Sogndal
8 Eigeli paa Sireheien Egeli på Sireheien Sogndal Sogndal
18 Eigeli store Egeli store Sogndal Sogndal
34 Elgestrøm Elvestrøm Sogndal Sogndal
103 Evje indre Evja (Evje)indre Sogndal Sogndal
102 Evje ytre Evja (Evje)ytre Sogndal Sogndal
44 Fidje Fitje Sogndal Sogndal
57 Frøiland Frøyland Sogndal Sogndal
38 Frøitlog Frøylog Sogndal Sogndal
44 Gammelsaa Gammelså under Fitje Sogndal Sogndal
96 Gaudland Gauteland Sogndal Sogndal
79 Godthaab Godthåp Sogndal Sogndal
106 Grov Grov Sogndal Sogndal
13 Guddal Gudal Sogndal Sogndal
22 Gudland Guland Sogndal Sogndal
89 Gyland Gyland Sogndal Sogndal
27 Haaland Håland Sogndal Sogndal
108 Hafte Hafte under Refsland Sogndal Sogndal
85 Hagen Hagen under Berglyd Sogndal Sogndal
46 Haneberg Haneberg Sogndal Sogndal
55 Hauge Hauge Sogndal Sogndal
84 Hegdal Hegdal Sogndal Sogndal
99 Hetleskog Hatleskpog Sogndal Sogndal
35 Hølen Hølen under Løtoft Sogndal Sogndal
56 Kirkebø Kirkebø (Bøe) Sogndal Sogndal
52 Kjelland Kjelland Sogndal Sogndal
50 Knubedal Knubbedal Sogndal Sogndal
43 Krone Krone Sogndal Sogndal
75 Kvam Kvam Sogndal Sogndal
105 Kvivaag Kvievåg Sogndal Sogndal
51 Laugens Laksefiskeri Lauland (Løveland) Laksefiskeri Sogndal Sogndal
80 Lauland Lauland (Løveland) Sogndal Sogndal
48 Lauvaas nedre Løvås nedre Sogndal Sogndal
49 Lauvaas øvre Løvås øvre Sogndal Sogndal
1 Li Lie Sogndal Sogndal
59 Lindland Lindland Sogndal Sogndal
7 Log Log Sogndal Sogndal
29 Lunden Lunden under Årrestad Sogndal Sogndal
90 Lunden Lunden under Åvendal Sogndal Sogndal
81 Løgevig Løvik Sogndal Sogndal
24 Løining Løyning Sogndal Sogndal
6 Løining i Elven Løyning i Elven Sogndal Sogndal
35 Løtoft Løtoft Sogndal Sogndal
5 Maal Mål Sogndal Sogndal
89 Mong Mong Sogndal Sogndal
20 Mydland indre Mydland indre Sogndal Sogndal
19 Mydland ytre Mydland ytre Sogndal Sogndal
26 Myrstøl Myrstøl Sogndal Sogndal
30 Mysse nedre Mysse nedre Sogndal Sogndal
23 Mysse øvre Mysse øvre Sogndal Sogndal
54 Neset Neset Sogndal Sogndal
86 Nesvaag Nesvåg Sogndal Sogndal
100 Netland Netland Sogndal Sogndal
83 Nordnes Nordnes Sogndal Sogndal
29 Orrestad Årrestad Sogndal Sogndal
77 Pitlingen Pitlingen under Skarås Sogndal Sogndal
58 Præstegaarden Prestegården Sogndal Sogndal
18 Raana Råna under Egeli Store Sogndal Sogndal
108 Refsland Refsland Sogndal Sogndal
93 Ribland Ripland Sogndal Sogndal
67 Rosseland lille Rosland lille Sogndal Sogndal
68 Rosseland store Rosland store Sogndal Sogndal
4 Ræg Reg Sogndal Sogndal
71 Rægedal lille Regdal lille Sogndal Sogndal
72 Rægedal store Regdal store Sogndal Sogndal
69 Rægeland nedre Regland nedre Sogndal Sogndal
70 Rægeland øvre Regland øvre Sogndal Sogndal
74 Rægevig Rekevik Sogndal Sogndal
39 Sandbæk Sandbekk Sogndal Sogndal
95 Saurdal nedre Saurdal nedre Sogndal Sogndal
94 Saurdal øvre Saurdal øvre Sogndal Sogndal
40 Sel Sel Sogndal Sogndal
92 Selebø Selebø Sogndal Sogndal
77 Skaraas Skarås Sogndal Sogndal
42 Skjevraas Skjervrås Sogndal Sogndal
100 Skogen Skogen under Netland Sogndal Sogndal
10 Skogestad Skogestad Sogndal Sogndal
101 Skognes Skogenes Sogndal Sogndal
25 Solli Sollie Sogndal Sogndal
61 Steinberg Steinberg Sogndal Sogndal
12 Steinsland Stensland Sogndal Sogndal
82 Stien Stien under Immerstein Sogndal Sogndal
37 Støle nedre Støle nedre Sogndal Sogndal
32 Støle øvre Støle øvre Sogndal Sogndal
98 Svinland Svindland Sogndal Sogndal
11 Tellenes Tellenes Sogndal Sogndal
78 Todhammer Tothammer Sogndal Sogndal
36 Toks Toks Sogndal Sogndal
77 Tolleifsfeden Tollefsfeden under Skarås Sogndal Sogndal
82 Tverdal Tverdal under Immerstein Sogndal Sogndal
77 Tynneskogen Tynneskogen under Skarås Sogndal Sogndal
66 Urdal Urdal Sogndal Sogndal
87 Vatland Vatland Sogndal Sogndal
28 Vigen Viken Sogndal Sogndal
97 Vinje Vinje (Vinge) Sogndal Sogndal
82 Ymmerstein Immerstein Sogndal Sogndal
63 Ørsland Ørsland Sogndal Sogndal
15 Ørsland lille Aursland (Øritsland) Sogndal Sogndal


Oluf Rygh: Norwegian Farm Names