South Africa Emigration and Immigration

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Williams, J. Robert. Hampshire Settlers in South Africa, 1820. Two Hampshire groups under Alexander Biggar and Captain Duncan Campbell formed part of almost 4,000 emigrants, who sailed from Britain in 1819, under a Govt. aided scheme. They sailed on the ship " Weymouth" and arrived in early 1820. There is a small list of the emigrants from Hampshire, giving surname, christian name, wife's christian name and sometimes the names of the children. Article is to be fount in The Hampshire Family Historian, vol. 10, no.1, May 1983, page 22, Family History Library Ref. 942.27 B2h

A Minority of a Minority of a Minority:the Irish in South Africa. This resource looks at this “forgotten” Irish community. It surveys what statistical information there is and looks at the jobs which attracted the Irish to Africa.