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=== [http://users.olis.net.au/penta/ Port Adelaide Historical Society]<br> ===
=== [http://users.olis.net.au/penta/ Port Adelaide Historical Society]<br> ===
=== [http://www.familyhistorysa.com/ Family History South Australia]<br> ===
=== [http://www.familyhistorysa.com/ Family History South Australia]<br> ===
=== [http://www.familytreeoz.com/ Family Tree Oz]<br> ===
=== [http://www.history.sa.gov.au/ History Trust of South Australia]  ===
=== [http://www.familytreeoz.com/ Family Tree Oz]<br> ===
=== [http://www.sefhg.org South East Family History Group] (SEFHG) ===
Records and Links available thru this site<br>
* Brentons 1870 Directory<br> * Colonial Directory 1857<br> * Glenelg Directory 1883<br> * Howells Directory 1858<br> * NSW PO Directory 1832<br> * Rhodes Scholars 1903-49<br> * SA Auto Club Members<br> * SA Bike Owners 1910<br> * SA Car Owners - 1910<br> * SA Farm Apprentices<br> * Sands &amp; McDougalls 1885<br> * Tasmania PO 1945-46<br> * SA Car Registrations 1906-1927<br>
=== [http://www.history.sa.gov.au/  History Trust of South Australia] ===
Records and Links available thru this site<br>
Migration Museum<br>National Motor Museum<br>South Australian Maritime Museum<br>
==  ==
=== [http://www.sefhg.org South East Family History Group] (SEFHG)<br> ===
You will find information related to these places within the Limestone Coast region of South Australia:
Allendale, Beachport, Canunda, Caroline, Carpenter Rocks, Cape Jaffa, Compton, Donovans, Drop Drop, Glenburnie, Glencoe, Gran Gran, Harris Range, Hatherleigh, Kalangadoo, Kangaroo Inn, Kingston, Kongorong, Lucindale, Mil Lel, Millicent, Moorak, Mt Burr, Mt McIntyre, Mt Gambier, Mt Muirhead, Mt Schank, Mundulla, Murrimbum, Nangula, Nangwarry, Naracoorte, OB Flat, Penguin Island, Pt MacDonnell, Penola, Rendelsham, Robe, Sebastapol, Snuggery, South End, Suttontown, Tantanoola, Tarpeena, Tintinara, Tatiara, Wandilo, Wyrie, and Yahl. <br>
Records and Links available thru this site<br>
==== SEFHG Databases ====
· Attamurra School Students 1876-1893
· Beachport Sub Collectors of Customs and Harbour Masters (to 1932)
· Beachport Town Allotment Purchasers 1878
· Caroline Births 1864-1900
· Cape Jaffa Memorial to Seafarers. Fishermen and Light Keepers
· Glenburnie Births 1864-1874
· Hundred of MacDonnell Land Applications 1878-1881 NEW
· Kingsley School Register 1877-1889
· Kingsley School Teachers 1864-1920
· Kingston Burial Register until 1900
· Licensees of the Bay View Hotel, Beachport
· Millicent Births 1872-1876
· Millicent Commonwealth Bank Depositors 1917-18
· Millicent Drainage Scheme Creditors 1867-69
· Millicent Drainage Scheme Workers 1871+
· Millicent Primary School Roll of Honour 1914-1918
· Millicent World War One Roll of Honour
· Mt Gambier Chairmen, District Clerks and Overseers of Councils 1863-1932
· Mt Gambier Pioneer Index
· Mt Gambier East Ratepayers 1878
· Mt Gambier—Relief Received from Auxiliary Destitute Board 1867
· Mt Gambier—Destitute Records Mt Gambier and District 1882-1912
· Mt Gambier Queen’s Birthday Holiday Closures 1884
· Mt Muirhead Flat Drainage Workers 1868
· Naracoorte Herald Names 1875-6
· Newland Station Cheque Stubs 1864
· Penguin Island Head Lightkeepers
· Penola/Kalangadoo Clergymen
· Penola’s Mary MacKillop Stable Sch. &amp; Woods MacKillop School House students 1866-71
· Penola Names 1868
· Port MacDonnell and Allendale Residents 1864
· Port MacDonnell Swamp Land Credit Selectors 1878
· Publicans of Port MacDonnell and Allendale
· Road Petition 1864
· Robe Electoral Roll 1905
· Robe Fishermen’s Memorial
· SA Government Gazette’s South East Entries
· Sebastapol School Concert 1884
· Snuggery Village Residents 1946-72
· South East Justices of the Peace 1871
· South East Revocation of Land Agreements 1884
· South East School Teachers 1893
· South East Star Newspaper miscellaneous notices and obituaries index 1888-1906
· South East World War I Military Personnel
· Stillborn Burials, Lake Tce Cemetery, Mt Gambier 1880-1919
· Tatiara District Marriages 1857-1899
· Tatiara Land Purchasers
· The Friendless Dead
· South End Memorial
· Wreck of the Admella 1859<br>
== ==
=== [http://www.saghs.org.au South Australian Genealogical Society] ===
=== [http://www.saghs.org.au South Australian Genealogical Society] ===
==  ==
=== [http://www.ozgenonline.com/saust.htm OZ Gen Link]<br> ===
=== [http://www.ozgenonline.com/saust.htm OZ Gen Link]<br> ===
Records and Links available thru this site<br>
Adelaide Catholic Archives
Adelaide City Archives
Adelaide Northern Districts Family History Group
Adelaide Proformat
Burra History Resources
Family History &amp; Genealogy in South Australia
FamilyTreeOz.com- Various South Australian Searchable Databases available.
Fleurieu Peninsula Family History Group Inc.
Frearson's Pocket Plan Of The City Of Adelaide c1880
Gould Books Genealogy and Local History Catalogues
Holdfast Database South Australia
Lutheran Archives
Manning Index of South Australian History
Pioneers Association of South Australia
South Australian Births, Deaths &amp; Marriages
South Australian Genealogy &amp; Heraldry Society
South Australia Photographic History
South Australia Police Historical Society Inc.
South Australian War Memorial Site
South East Family History Group
State Library of South Australia
State Records SA
Teacher Records Search
Uniting Church Historical Society
War Memorials in South Australia<br>

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Family History South Australia

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History Trust of South Australia

South East Family History Group (SEFHG)

South Australian Genealogical Society

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