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The South Carolinian Library has an excellent collection of maps. Part of the collection is a series of over 400 maps for 1884 to 1935, giving the location and construction details of buildings in 83 cities and towns in the state. The University of South Carolina and the South Carolina Department of Archives and History also have extensive map collections.

Atlases with maps of South Carolina for the years 1790, 1810, 1823, 1838, 1857, 1862, 1878, 1884, and 1917 are on Family History Library film 002083. City ward maps of Charleston for the years 1844, 1855, 1869, and 1883, for use with census records, are on Family History Library film 1377700 and fiche 6016609-12.

For maps of counties and parishes, see:
Black, James. “The Counties and Districts of South Carolina,” in Genealogical Journal, Volume 5, Number 3, pp. 100-113. Salt Lake City, Utah: Utah Genealogical Association, 1976. (Family History Library book 973 D25gj.)

Mills, Robert. Mill's Atlas of the State of South Carolina. [N.p.: Legislature of South Carolina, 1825?]. (Family History Library book Folio 975.7 E7m.) These maps show the names of persons who owned land during the period 1810 to 1820.  A complete set of Mill's Atlas maps is also available on-line through the Map Collections of the Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress.

United States Census Bureau State and County Map.  This map will allow you to zoom in on any state or county in the United States and read the names of all of the neighboring counties.

General Highway Maps. Columbia, South Carolina: State Highway Dept., 1971-3. (Family History Library films 924630-31.) Includes maps for all 46 counties.

Printable maps are also available from the National Atlas of the United States --