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The family is the most important part of Korean life. In Confusian tradition, the father is the head of the family and it is his responsibility to provide food, shelter, clothing, etc., and also arrange marriages of family members. The eldest son has special duties: first to his parents, then to his brothers from older to younger, then to his sons, then to his daughters. Members of the family are tied to each other because the actions of one family member reflect on the rest of the family.

Korean Ancestors

Ancestors are based on the male family line. Children are raised to believe they can never repay their debt to their parents, hence the popularity of ancestor worship. They hold ancestral ceremonies for the previous three generations (parents, grandparents, and great grandparents) several times a year, particularly on Chusok and New Year's Day.

Family Census Register

This register records every birth and marriage in the family, with the father's and mother's parents' name and giving the "Family Origin" of each.

External Links

The following websites are especially dedicated to Korean Genealogy and Family History. 

  •  -- Provides a free electronic version of the Korean Genealogy Guide, which guides English speakers in the location and interpretation of Korean genalogical records, reading the Korean language (HanGul and HanJa), interpretation of numbers and dates used in genealogical records, HanJa characters used in Korean names, etc.  The site includes discussion forums to aide those searching for Korean ancestors and links to online Korean-English dictionaries and other resources.  
  • --Provides comprehensive information on historical background, associations, genealogical and historical record. In Korean.
  • --Reference index of surnames in Korea. Provides links of resources of Korean family names, family history, and genealogical information. In Korean.

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