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== Record Content  ==
== Record Content  ==
[[Image:Spain, Province of Alicante, MR birth.jpg|thumb|right]]
Image:Spain, Province of Alicante, MR birth.jpg|Civil Registration - Birth
Image:Spain, Province of Alicante, MR deaths.jpg|Civil Registration - Death
[[Image:Spain, Province of Alicante, MR census.jpg|thumb|right|240x380px|Spain, Province of Alicante, MR census.jpg]]
Image:Spain, Province of Alicante, MR Marriage.jpg|Civil Registration - Marriage
Image:Spain, Province of Alicante, MR census.jpg|Census
[[Image:Spain, Province of Alicante, MR deaths.jpg|thumb|right|240x380px]]
Image:Spain, Province of Alicante, MR military enlistment.jpg|Military Enlistment
[[Image:Spain, Province of Alicante, MR Marriage.jpg|thumb|right|240x380px|Spain, Province of Alicante, MR Marriage.jpg]]
[[Image:Spain, Province of Alicante, MR military enlistment.jpg|thumb|right|240x380px]]
'''Key genealogical facts found in civil registration records are:'''  
'''Key genealogical facts found in civil registration records are:'''  

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Title in the Language of the Record

Registros Municipales de la Provincia de Alicante, España

Record Description

This collection includes civil registration, census, military drafts and other records microfilmed and digitized at municipal archives in the Alicante Province, Spain. This collection is being published as images become available.

Civil registration in Spain was established by law in 1870. Records are mostly handwritten on a printed form, following a chronological order. The civil registration records dating before 1870 were created with the information from church parish registers.

Municipal census records differ from the national census in that it is an administrative tool used by the municipality. The census registers were handwritten in Spanish on formatted registers.

Municipal military draft records were carried out almost every year to fill in the conscript quota. The process for the draft was long; it included first the preparation of a list of all men in age for the draft, then approval, sorting of men, notifications, exemptions, medical exam, etc.

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Citation for This Collection

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Spain. Alicante Province Municipal Offices. Municipal Records. Alicante Province Municipal Archives, Spain.

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