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The country of Spain is divided into 50 provinces. Each province belongs to one of 17 autonomous communities. To access the province pages, click on the name of the province in the chart below.

Provinces of Spain
Álava Albacete Alicante
Almería Asturias Ávila
Badajoz Barcelona Burgos
Cáceres Cádiz Cantavria
Castellón Ciudad Real Córdoba
La Coruña Cuenca Gerona
Granada Guadalajara       
Huelva Huesca Islas Baleares
Jaén León Lérida
Lugo Madrid Málaga
Murcia Navarra Orense
Palencia Las Palmas Pontevedra
La Rioja Salamanca Segovia
Sevilla Soria Tarragona
Santa Cruz de Tenerife Teruel Toledo
Valencia Valladolid Vizcaya
Zamora Zaragoza

To find out to which autonomous community a province belongs please see the following article and scroll down to the section: Tabla de provincias. The last column of the table includes a list of all the municipalities within the province. The municipalities are important because they are where your ancestors would have gone to record birth, marriage, and death information in the Civil Registers. Civil registration began nationwide in Spain in 1869 however, many municipalities, or ayuntamientos, began record keeping before the national mandate to do so.

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