Spanish Numbers and Time

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 This guide is designed to help English speakers identify and translate numbers and dates that may appear in Spanish language records.  Spanish-language genelogical records often write dates, including years, using all words and not using (Arabic) numbers. Use this guide to help spot the date in a manuscript document.


The following list gives the cardinal (1, 2, 3, etc.) and the ordinal (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) versions of each number. In actual usage, days of the month are almost never written in ordinal form. Ordinal numbers end in o or a depending on the gender of the thing described. Ordinal numbers above 31 are rarely seen in genealogical sources.  

Numbers such as 16, 22, and 31 are compound numbers joined by the word  y [and]. In modern Spanish, these numbers can also be written as a single word, for example:
16    diez y seis      or     dieciseis
22    veinte y dos    or    veintidos
31    treinta y uno   or    treintiuno

 Cardinal   Spanish                                  Ordinal   Spanish
  1        un, uno, una                                 1st       primero (a)
  2        dos                                               2nd       segundo
  3        tres                                               3rd       tercero
  4        cuatro                                           4th       cuarto
  5        cinco                                             5th       quinto
  6        seis                                               6th       sexto
  7        siete                                             7th       séptimo
  8        ocho                                             8th       octavo
  9        nueve                                           9th       nono, noveno
 10       diez                                            10th       décimo  

 11       once                                           11th       undécimo, décimoprimero
 12       doce                                           12th       duodécimo, décimosegundo
 13       trece                                           13th       décimotercero
 14       catorce                                       14th       décimocuarto
 15       quince                                        15th       décimoquinto
 16       diez y seis, dieciseis                  16th       décimosexto
 17       diez y siete, diecisiete                17th       décimo séptimo
 18       diez y ocho, dieciocho                18th       décimoctavo
 19       diez y nueve, diecinueve            19th       décimonono  

 20       veinte                                          20th       vigésimo
 21       veinte y uno, veintiuno                21st       vigésimo primero
 22       veinte y dos, veintidos                22nd       vigésimo segundo
 23       veinte y tres, veintitres                23rd       vigésimo tercero
 24       veinte y cuatro, veinticuatro        24th       vigésimo cuarto
 25       veinte y cinco, veinticinco            25th       vigésimo quinto
 26       veinte y seis, veintiseis                26th       vigésimo sexto
 27       veinte y siete, veintisiete              27th       vigésimo séptimo
 28       veinte y ocho, veintiocho              28th       vigésimo octavo
 29       veinte y nueve, veintinueve          29th       vigésimo nono  

 30       treinta                                            30th       trigésimo
 31       treinta y uno                                   31st       trigésimo primero
 40       cuarenta                                         40th       cuadragésimo
 50       cincuenta                                        50th       quincuagésimo
 60       sesenta                                           60th       sexagésimo
 70       setenta                                           70th       septuagésimo
 80       ochenta                                          80th       octogésimo
 90       noventa                                          90th       nonagésimo  

 100       ciento                                          100th       centesimo
 200       doscientos                                   200th       ducentésimo
 300       trescientos                                   300th       tricentésimo
1000       mil                                             1000th       milésimo

 Dates and Time 

In Spanish language records, dates are usually written out using words. Further, although English traditionally uses ordinal numbers, such as the tenth of July or July 10th, in Spanish the cardinal numbers are almost always used for the days of the month; for example, el diez de julio (the ten of July). The one exception is the first of the month, for which the ordinal number primero (1ero) is almost always used instead of the cardinal number uno, for example:
A los veinte y tres días de marzo del año de nuestro Señor de mil ochocientos y treinta y seis. [On the twenty-three day of the month of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred thirty six.] To understand Spanish dates, use the following lists as well as the preceding "Numbers" section.

Example year:     ...el año de nuestro Señor de mil ochocientos y treinta y seis   =   1836 AD


English                Spanish           Abbreviations
January                 enero                enro, eno, 1ero
February               febrero              febo
March                   marzo                mzo
April                      abril                   abl
May                       mayo           
June                      junio           
July                       julio           
August                  agosto                ago, agto
September            septiembre         septe, 7bre     
October                 octubre               ote, otue, octue, 8bre
November             noviembre           novbre, 9bre
December             diciembre            dice, 10bre

Days of the Week 

English                  Spanish 
  Sunday                   domingo 
  Monday                   lunes 
  Tuesday                  martes 
  Wednesday             miércoles      
  Thursday                 jueves   
  Friday                      viernes 
  Saturday                  sábado

Also Helpful to Know 

-  Note that in Spanish, the names of months and days of the week do not start with capital letters like they do in English. 

- Spanish language dates usually begin with the definite aritcle  el.   

...el año de nuestro Señor de...  =   the year of our Lord...  =  AD    from Latin Anno Domini .