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"How to" Guides to 11th Regiment, Louisiana Infantry (Confederate)
11th Regiment, Maine Infantry to 13th Regiment, Connecticut Infantry
13th Regiment, Enrolled Missouri Militia (Union) to 15th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry, formerly the 5th Volunteers
15th Regiment, North Carolina Militia to 18th Regiment, South Carolina Artillery
18th Regiment, South Carolina Infantry to 1st Independent Battery, Connecticut Light Artillery
1st Independent Battery, Iowa Light Artillery to 1st Regiment, Tennessee Infantry (Feild's)
1st Regiment, Tennessee Infantry (Feild's) (Confederate) to 23rd Regiment, Arkansas Cavalry
23rd Regiment, Arkansas Cavalry (Confederate) to 2nd Battalion, District of Columbia Infantry (3 months, 1861)
2nd Battalion, Enrolled Missouri Millitia, 6 months (Union) to 2nd Regiment, United States Colored Cavalry
2nd Regiment, United States Colored Infantry to 38th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry
38th Regiment, Mississippi Cavalry to 40th Regiment, Alabama Infantry
40th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry to 4th Regiment, 2nd Brigade, Georgia State Troops
4th Regiment, 2nd Brigade, Georgia State Troops (Confederate) to 57th Regiment, Illinois Infantry
57th Regiment, Indiana Infantry to 66th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry
66th Regiment, Virginia Militia (Confederate) to 7th Independent Battery, Wisconsin Light Artillery
7th Independent Company, Ohio Sharpshooters to 8th Regiment, New York State Militia (3 months, 1861)
8th Regiment, New York State Militia (3 months, 1862) to Aarwangen parish, Bern, Switzerland
Aasen, Baden, Germany to Abuja Nigeria Family History Centre
Abuná Province, Pando, Bolivia to Affiliated Genealogical Societies Pages on this Website
Affoltern am Albis parish, Zürich, Switzerland to Ajax, Gillam County, Oregon Genealogy
Ajax, Gilliam County, Oregon Genealogy to Albany
Albany, Linn County, Oregon to Alfold, Sussex Genealogy
Alford, Aberdeenshire, Scotland to Aloha, Washington County, Oregon Genealogy
Alom, Ada County, Idaho to American Indian Removal Records
American Indian Research in the Family History Library to Anjou
Ankenes, Nordland, Norway Genealogy to Arboga Landsförsamling parish, Sweden Genealogy
Arboga Stadsförsamling parish, Sweden to Arica Chile Costanera Family History Center
Arica Chile Los Olivos Family History Center to Arnadal (Arendal), Vestfold, Norway Genealogy
Arnafjord, Norway to Ashland Kentucky Family History Center