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(Old) Rappahannock County, Virginia Compiled Genealogies
(Old) Rappahannock County, Virginia Genealogy
10,000 Volunteers Sought to Put Mexican, Other Latin American Family History on Web100 Mile House British Columbia Family History Centre100th Regiment, Illinois Infantry
100th Regiment, Indiana Infantry100th Regiment, New York Infantry100th Regiment, Ohio Infantry
100th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry100th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry101st Regiment, Illinois Infantry
101st Regiment, Indiana Infantry101st Regiment, New York Infantry101st Regiment, Ohio Infantry
101st Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry101st Regiment, United States Colored Infantry102nd Regiment, Illinois Infantry
102nd Regiment, Indiana Infantry102nd Regiment, New York Infantry102nd Regiment, New York Infantry National Guard (100 days, 1864)
102nd Regiment, Ohio Infantry102nd Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry
103rd Regiment, Illinois Infantry103rd Regiment, Indiana Infantry103rd Regiment, New York Infantry
103rd Regiment, Ohio Infantry103rd Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry103rd Regiment, United States Colored Infantry
104th Regiment, Illinois Infantry104th Regiment, Indiana Infantry104th Regiment, New York Infantry
104th Regiment, Ohio Infantry104th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry104th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry
105th Regiment, Alabama105th Regiment, Illinois Infantry105th Regiment, Indiana Infantry
105th Regiment, New York Infantry105th Regiment, Ohio Infantry105th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry
105th Regiment Infantry U.S. Colored Troops106th Regiment, Illinois Infantry
106th Regiment, Indiana Infantry106th Regiment, New York Infantry106th Regiment, Ohio Infantry
106th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry106th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry107th Regiment, Illinois Infantry
107th Regiment, Indiana Infantry107th Regiment, New York Infantry107th Regiment, Ohio Infantry
107th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry107th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry108th Regiment, Illinois Infantry
108th Regiment, Indiana Infantry108th Regiment, New York Infantry108th Regiment, Ohio Infantry
108th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry108th Regiment, Virginia Militia (Confederate)109th Regiment, Illinois Infantry
109th Regiment, Indiana Infantry109th Regiment, New York Infantry109th Regiment, North Carolina Militia
109th Regiment, Ohio Infantry109th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry109th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry
109th Regiment, Virginia Militia (Confederate)10th/11th Consolidated Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry
10th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards) (Confederate)10th Battalion, Georgia Infantry (Confederate)
10th Battalion, Louisiana Infantry (Confederate)10th Battalion, North Carolina Heavy Artillery
10th Battalion, South Carolina Cavalry10th Battalion, Texas State Cavalry (Martin's) (Confederate)
10th Battalion, Virginia Heavy Artillery (Allen's) (Confederate)
10th Battalion, Virginia Reserves (Confederate)10th Battery, Indiana Light Artillery10th Battery, Mississippi Artillery
10th Battery, Rhode Island Light Artillery10th Field Battery, Texas Light Artillery (Confederate)
10th Independent Battery, Massachusetts Light Artillery10th Independent Battery, New York Light Artillery10th Independent Battery, Ohio Light Artillery
10th Independent Battery, Wisconsin Light Artillery10th Pennsylvania Regiment (Revolutionary War)10th Provisional Regiment, Enrolled Missouri Militia (Union)
10th Regiment, Alabama Cavalry10th Regiment, Alabama Infantry
10th Regiment, Arkansas Cavalry (Witt's) (Confederate)10th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry (Confederate)
10th Regiment, Arkansas Militia (Confederate)10th Regiment, Confederate Cavalry (Confederate)
10th Regiment, Connecticut Infantry10th Regiment, Enrolled Missouri Militia (Union)10th Regiment, Florida Infantry (Confederate)
10th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry (Confederate)
10th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards) (Confederate)10th Regiment, Georgia Infantry (Confederate)
10th Regiment, Georgia Militia (Confederate)
10th Regiment, Georgia State Troops (Davis') (Copnfederate)10th Regiment, Illinois Cavalry10th Regiment, Illinois Infantry
10th Regiment, Illinois Infantry (3 months, 1861)10th Regiment, Indiana Cavalry10th Regiment, Indiana Infantry
10th Regiment, Indiana Infantry (3 months, 1861)10th Regiment, Iowa Infantry10th Regiment, Kansas Infantry
10th Regiment, Kansas Militia Infantry10th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry (Confederate)
10th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry (Diamond's) (Confederate)10th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry (Johnson's) (Confederate)10th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry (Union)
10th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry (Union)10th Regiment, Kentucky Mounted Rifles (Confederate)
10th Regiment, Louisiana Infantry (Confederate)10th Regiment, Maine Infantry
10th Regiment, Maryland Infantry (6 months, 1863-1864)10th Regiment, Massachusetts Heavy Artillery10th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry
10th Regiment, Michigan Cavalry10th Regiment, Michigan Infantry10th Regiment, Minnesota Infantry
10th Regiment, Mississippi Cavalry10th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry10th Regiment, Mississippi Rifles
10th Regiment, Missouri Cavalry (Union)10th Regiment, Missouri Cavalry - Confederate10th Regiment, Missouri Cavalry State Guard (8th Division) - Confederate
10th Regiment, Missouri Infantry (Union)10th Regiment, Missouri Infantry - Confederate
10th Regiment, Missouri State Guard (Thompson's) - Confederate10th Regiment, New Hampshire Infantry
10th Regiment, New Jersey Infantry10th Regiment, New York Cavalry10th Regiment, New York Heavy Artillery
10th Regiment, New York Infantry10th Regiment, North Carolina Cavalry10th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry
10th Regiment, Ohio Cavalry10th Regiment, Ohio Infantry
10th Regiment, Ohio Infantry (3 months, 1861)10th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry (3 months, 1861)10th Regiment, Pennsylvania Reserve Infantry (39th Volunteers)
10th Regiment, Rhode Island Infantry10th Regiment, South Carolina Infantry10th Regiment, South Carolina Militia
10th Regiment, South Carolina Reserves10th Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry (Confederate)
10th Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry (DeMoss')10th Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry (Union)
10th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry (Confederate)10th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry (Union)10th Regiment, Texas Cavalry (Locke's) (Confederate)
10th Regiment, Texas Infantry (Nelson's) (Confederate)10th Regiment, US Artillery (Regular Army)10th Regiment, US Cavalry (Regular Army)
10th Regiment, US Infantry (Regular Army)10th Regiment, United States Colored Heavy Artillery10th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry
10th Regiment, Vermont Infantry10th Regiment, Veteran Reserve Corps
10th Regiment, Virginia Cavalry (1st Cavalry Regiment, Wise Legion) (Confederate)10th Regiment, Virginia Infantry (Confederate)
10th Regiment, West Virginia Infantry10th Regiment, Wisconsin Infantry10th Tennessee Artillery
10th Unattached Company, Massachusetts Infantry (Militia)10th Virginia Regiment (Revolutionary War)110th Regiment, Illinois Infantry
110th Regiment, Indiana Infantry110th Regiment, New York Infantry110th Regiment, Ohio Infantry
110th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry110th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry110th Regiment, Virginia Militia (Confederate)
1115-1122111th Regiment, Illinois Infantry111th Regiment, Indiana Infantry
111th Regiment, New York Infantry111th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry111th Regiment, North Carolina State Troops
111th Regiment, Ohio Infantry111th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry111th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry
111th Regiment, Virginia Militia (Confederate)1122-11231123-1566
112th Regiment, Illinois Infantry112th Regiment, Indiana Infantry112th Regiment, New York Infantry
112th Regiment, Ohio Infantry112th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry1131-1914
1131-20011131-2088113th Regiment, Illinois Infantry
113th Regiment, Indiana Infantry113th Regiment, New York Infantry113th Regiment, Ohio Infantry
113th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry (New Organization)113th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry (Old Organization)1141-2175
114th Regiment, Illinois Infantry114th Regiment, Indiana Infantry114th Regiment, New York Infantry
114th Regiment, Ohio Infantry114th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry114th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry
114th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry114th Regiment, Virginia Militia (Confederate)1152-2262
115th Regiment, Illinois Infantry115th Regiment, Indiana Infantry (6 months, 1863-4)115th Regiment, New York Infantry
115th Regiment, Ohio Infantry115th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry115th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry
115th Regiment, Virginia Militia (Confederate)1160-2349116th Regiment, Illinois Infantry
116th Regiment, Indiana Infantry (6 months, 1863-4)116th Regiment, New York Infantry116th Regiment, Ohio Infantry
116th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry116th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry1171-2436
117th Regiment, Illinois Infantry117th Regiment, Indiana Infantry (6 months, 1863-4)117th Regiment, New York Infantry
117th Regiment, Ohio Infantry117th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry117th Regiment, Virginia Militia (Confederate)
118th Regiment, Illinois Infantry118th Regiment, Indiana Infantry (6 months, 1863-4)118th Regiment, New York Infantry
118th Regiment, Ohio Infantry118th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry118th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry
119th Regiment, Illinois Infantry119th Regiment, New York Infantry119th Regiment, Ohio Infantry
119th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry119th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry
11th/24th Consolidated Regiment, Tennessee Infantry11th Batatlion, South Carolina Infantry11th Battalion, Alabama Cavalry
11th Battalion, Georgia Artillery (Sumter Artillery) (Confederate)
11th Battalion, Georgia Infantry (State Guards) (Confederate)11th Battalion, Louisiana Infantry (Confederate)
11th Battalion, North Carolina Home Guards11th Battalion, Tennessee Cavalry (Gordon's)11th Battalion, Texas Volunteers (Cavalry and Infantry) (Spaight's) (Confederate)
11th Battalion, Virginia Reserves (Confederate)11th Battery, Indiana Light Artillery11th Company, Alabama Artillery
11th Consolidated Regiment, Mississippi Cavalry11th Field Battery, Texas Light Artillery (Howell's Company) (Confederate)
11th Independent Battery, Massachusetts Light Artillery11th Independent Battery, Massachusetts Light Artillery (9 months, 1862-63)11th Independent Battery, New York Light Artillery
11th Independent Battery, Ohio Light Artillery11th Pennsylvania Regiment (Revolutionary War)11th Regiment, Alabama Cavalry
11th Regiment, Alabama Heavy Artillery11th Regiment, Alabama Infantry
11th Regiment, Arkansas Cavalry (Confederate)
11th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry (Confederate)11th Regiment, Connecticut Infantry11th Regiment, Enrolled Missouri Militia (Union)
11th Regiment, Florida Infantry (Confederate)11th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry (Confederate)
11th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards) (Confederate)
11th Regiment, Georgia Infantry (Confederate)11th Regiment, Georgia Militia (Confederate)
11th Regiment, Georgia State Troops (Confederate)11th Regiment, Illinois Cavalry
11th Regiment, Illinois Infantry11th Regiment, Illinois Infantry (3 months, 1861)11th Regiment, Indiana Cavalry
11th Regiment, Indiana Infantry11th Regiment, Indiana Infantry (3 months, 1861)11th Regiment, Iowa Infantry
11th Regiment, Kansas Cavalry11th Regiment, Kansas Infantry11th Regiment, Kansas Militia Infantry
11th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry (Confederate)11th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry (Union)11th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry (Union)
11th Regiment, Louisiana Infantry (Confederate)11th Regiment, Maine Infantry