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Lower Cherokee Traders' PathLower Creek Trading Path
Lower Darwen, Lancashire GenealogyLower Eatington, Warwickshire Genealogy
Lower Edmonton, Middlesex GenealogyLower Elwha Indian Reservation (Washington)
Lower Elwha Tribal Community (Washington)Lower Gravenhurst, Bedfordshire Genealogy
Lower Halstow, Kent Genealogy
Lower Hardres, Kent GenealogyLower Heyford, Oxfordshire Genealogy
Lower Holloway, Middlesex Genealogy
Lower Homerton St Luke, Middlesex GenealogyLower Lake Indian Rancheria (California)
Lower Lemington, Gloucestershire GenealogyLower Louisiana Indian Agency (Louisiana)
Lower Mitton, Worcestershire GenealogyLower Norfolk County, Virginia Genealogy
Lower Parish, Elizabeth City, VirginiaLower Parish, Isle of Wight, VirginiaLower Parish, Lancaster, Virginia
Lower Parish, Nansemond, VirginiaLower Parish, Northampton, VirginiaLower Parish, Stafford, Virginia
Lower Parish, Upper Norfolk, VirginiaLower Peover, Cheshire Genealogy
Lower Sapey, Worcestershire GenealogyLower Saxony Online Genealogy Records
Lower Shuckburgh, Warwickshire GenealogyLower Sioux Tribal Community in the State of Minnesota
Lower Slaughter, Gloucestershire Genealogy
Lower Suffolk Parish, Virginia
Lower Swell, Gloucestershire Genealogy
Lower Vainor, CeredigionLower Walmer St Saviour,Kent
Lower Warpath or West Tennessee Trail
Lower Whitley, Cheshire GenealogyLower Withington, St Peter,Cheshire
Lowesby, Leicestershire GenealogyLowestoft, Suffolk Genealogy
Lowestoft England Family History Centre
Loweswater, Cumberland GenealogyLowick, Lancashire Genealogy
Lowick, Northamptonshire Genealogy
Lowick, Northumberland GenealogyLowndes County, Alabama Genealogy
Lowndes County, Georgia Genealogy
Lowndes County, Mississippi GenealogyLowry's Company, Virginia Light Artillery (Centreville Rifles) (Confederate)Lowry Battery, Virginia Light Artillery (Centreville Rifles)
Lowside Quarter, Cumberland Genealogy
Lowther, Westmorland GenealogyLowthorpe, Yorkshire Genealogy
Lowton, Lancashire GenealogyLowville, New York
Lowville New York Family History CenterLoxbeare, Devon Genealogy
Loxhore, Devon Genealogy
Loxley, Warwickshire GenealogyLoxton, Northern Cape, South Africa
Loxton, Somerset GenealogyLoxwood, Sussex Genealogy
Loyalist Ancestors in the U.S. Revolutionary War
Lozère, France GenealogyLuanda Angola Family History Center
Lubbesthorpe, Leicestershire Genealogy
Lubbock County, Texas GenealogyLubbock Texas Family History Center
Lubbock Texas Family History Center/Center InformationLubbock Texas Family History Center/Center ResourcesLubbock Texas Family History Center/Local and Internet Resources
Lubec, Maine
Lubenham, Leicestershire GenealogyLubumbashi Democratic Republic of the Congo Family History Center
Lucan Catholic Parish, County Dublin GenealogyLucan Civil Parish, County Dublin Genealogy
Lucas County, Iowa Genealogy
Lucas County, Ohio GenealogyLuccaLucca, Tuscany, Italy Genealogy
Luccombe, Somerset GenealogyLuce-Mackinac Genealogical Society
Luce County, Michigan GenealogyLucedale, Mississippi
Lucena Philippines Family History CenterLucerne Canton, Switzerland GenealogyLucin, Utah
Lucker, Northumberland Genealogy
Luckington, Wiltshire GenealogyLucton, Herefordshire Genealogy
Ludborough, Lincolnshire Genealogy
Ludden Civil Parish, County Limerick Genealogy
Luddenden, Yorkshire GenealogyLuddenham, Kent Genealogy
Luddesdown, Kent Genealogy
Luddington, Warwickshire GenealogyLuddington with Garthorpe, Lincolnshire Genealogy
Luddington with Hemington, Huntingdonshire Genealogy
Luddington with Hemington, Northamptonshire Genealogy
Ludford, Herefordshire GenealogyLudford, Shropshire Genealogy
Ludford Magna with Ludford Parva, Lincolnshire Genealogy
Ludgershall, Buckinghamshire Genealogy
Ludgershall, Wiltshire GenealogyLudgo parish, Sweden Genealogy
Ludgvan, Cornwall Genealogy
Ludham, Norfolk GenealogyLudington Michigan Family History Center
Ludlow, MaineLudlow, Massachusetts
Ludlow, Shropshire GenealogyLudlow, Vermont
Ludlow Castle, Shropshire Genealogy
Ludvika parish, Sweden GenealogyLudwigsburg Germany Family History CenterLudwigshafen-Oggersheim, Bayern (Pfalz), Germany
Luffield Abbey, ex. par., Buckinghamshire Genealogy
Luffincott, Devon Genealogy
Lufingen parish, Zürich, Switzerland GenealogyLufkin Texas Family History Center
Lufton, Somerset GenealogyLugano Switzerland Family History CenterLugansk Tsentralny Ukraine Family History Center
Lugenbeel County, South Dakota Genealogy
Lugnås parish, Sweden GenealogyLugo, Spain Genealogy
Lugo Civil Registration - Vital Records
Lugwardine, Herefordshire GenealogyLuhanka parish, Finland Genealogy
Luis Calvo (previously Azero) Province, Chuquisaca, BoliviaLuiseno IndiansLujan de Cuyo Argentina Family History Center
Luka, MississippiLuke, Maryland
Luleå: Domkyrkoförsamling parish, Sweden GenealogyLuleå City, SwedenLuleå L.D.S. Congregation, Sweden
Luleå Sweden Family History Center
Lullingstone, Kent GenealogyLullington, Derbyshire Genealogy
Lullington, Somerset Genealogy
Lullington, Sussex GenealogyLullymore Civil Parish, County Kildare
Lulsley, Worcestershire GenealogyLumb, Lancashire Genealogy
Lumberland, New YorkLumby Parish, Odense, Denmark Genealogy
Lumijoki parish, Finland GenealogyLumkin's Company, Virginia Light Artillery (Confederate)
Lumley Christ Church, Durham Genealogy
Lummelunda parish, Sweden GenealogyLummi Indian Reservation (Washington)
Lummi IndiansLumparland parish, Finland Genealogy
Lumper's Company G, Missouri Home Guard Regiment (Union)
Lumphannan, Aberdeenshire, Scotland GenealogyLumpkin County, Georgia Genealogy
Lumpkins' Company, Georgia Artillery (Confederate)
Luna County, New Mexico GenealogyLuna New Mexico Family History Center
Lunan, Angus, Scotland GenealogyLund, Lancashire Genealogy
Lund, NorwayLund, Yorkshire Genealogy
Lund: Allhelgona parish, Sweden Genealogy
Lund: Domkyrkoförsamling parish, Sweden GenealogyLund: Hospitalsförsamling parish, Sweden Genealogy
Lund: L.D.S Congregation, SwedenLund: Landsförsamling parish, Sweden Genealogy
Lund City, SwedenLund Sweden Family History Center
Lundby Parish, Præstø, Denmark GenealogyLundby Parish, Ålborg, Denmark
Lunde, Telemark, Norway GenealogyLunde, Vest-Agder, Norway Genealogy
Lunde Parish, Odense, Denmark Genealogy
Lunde Parish, Ribe, Denmark GenealogyLunde Parish, Svendborg, Denmark Genealogy
Lundehus Parish København, København, DenmarkLunden Parish, Schleswig-Holstein, Preussen, GermanyLunder, Buskerud, Norway Genealogy
Lundforlund Parish, Sorø, Denmark Genealogy
Lundie and Fowlis, Angus, Scotland Genealogy
Lunds, Yorkshire GenealogyLundsæter, Hedmark, Norway Genealogy
Lundum Parish, Skanderborg, Denmark Genealogy
Lundy, Devon Genealogy
Lundø Parish, Viborg, Denmark GenealogyLunenburg, MassachusettsLunenburg, Vermont
Lunenburg County, Nova ScotiaLunenburg County, Virginia Compiled Genealogies
Lunenburg County, Virginia GenealogyLunenburg Parish, VirginiaLunesdale Poor Law Union,Lancashire
Lungsund parish, Sweden Genealogy
Lunner, Oppland, Norway GenealogyLuopioinen parish, Finland Genealogy