Spis Gazetteer of Poland

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Gazetteer Reading Translations for
Spis miejscowości Polskiej Rzeczypospolitej Ludowej
943.8 E5s 1968

Diagram of a typical entry:

Nazwa i rodzaj miejscowości Gromada (osiedle-osied.) (miasto-m.) Siedziba PRN Województwo Poczta Stacja, przystanek kolejowy Urząd stanu cywilnego
Name and type of locality Next larger admini-strative unit County Seat Province Post Office Railroad Station Vital Records Office

Arrangement: Name of the locality is listed alphabetically down the page in column 1. See the sample diagram above to see its arrangement on the page and the translated version on the 2nd row of the diagram.

List of abbreviations used:

Polish Abbreviation
Full Polish Version
English Translation
dziel., dz. dzielnica miasta quarter or section of a city
kol. kolonia colony
m. miasto city
m.st. miasto stołeczne capital city
os. osada a smaller settlement
osied. osiedle town, large village
os. m. osiedle mieszkaniowe residential area
p. m. powiat miejski a powiat comprised of a city
w. m. miasto wyłączone z wojewodztwa city not included in a województwo
przys. przysiółek hamlet
p. przystanek kolejowy railroad stop

The Polish Alphabet: Words with diacritic marks in the letters follow the corresponding letters without diacritic marks in the Polish alphabet. This is important to know when looking up towns in the gazetteer or in the dictionary. The letters q, v, and x are only used in foreign names and as symbols.

a ą b c ć d e ę f g h i j k l ł m n ń o ó p r s ś t u w y z ż ź

Województwo column 4: The left-hand column below represents the name of the województwo as it appears in the gazetteer. The right-hand column below represents the form of the name as it appears on maps, and in the LDS Family History Library Catalog™. Note that the first five entries on the list are cities which in themselves are województwos, and at the same time are the capital cities of the larger województwos in which they are situated.

1. m. st. Warszawa Warszawa City-Province
2. m. Kraków Kraków City-Province
3. m. Łódź Łódź City-Province
4. m. Poznań Poznań City-Province
5. m. Wrocław Wrocław City-Province
6. Białystockie Białystock Province
7. Bydgoskie Bydgoszcz Province
8. Gdańskie Gdańsk Province
9. Katowickie Katowice Province
10. Kieleckie Kielce Province
11. Koszalińskie Koszalin Province
12. Krakowskie Kraków Province
13. Lubelskie Lublin Province
14. Łódzkie Łódź Province
15. Olsztyńskie Olsztyn Province
16. Opolskie Opole Province
17. Poznańskie Poznań Province
18. Rzeszowskie Rzeszów Province
19. Szczecińskie Szczecin Province
20. Warszawskie Warszawa Province
21. Wrocławskie Wrocław Province
22. Zielonogórskie Zielona Góra Province