Springer, Colfax County, New Mexico, 1900 Settlers

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Source: 1900 US Federal Census, District 37, Precinct 12, Springer, Colfax County, New Mexico Territory. By Jesus M Martinez on June 01-11, 1900.   

Note: All households are listed alphabetically. Boarders, workers, or other persons living in a household are listed in that household. The information listed after a persons name is: relationship if not head of the household; month and year of birth; Place of birth; and occupation if listed. Married women will have the total number of their children and the number living at the time of the census, not necessarily living in the home, shown after their place of birth. Cases where the woman was head of the household, her marital status may be shown. Summary includes a total of places of birth and occupations for the residents of Springer.

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Ed Achons (sp?) July 1850, Illinois, Painter;

Clara Adams (widow), February 1875, Mexico, married 9 years, 2 children, none living;

Robert Alldredger, February 1871, Illinois, Bookeeper; Mayme (wife) June 1877, Kansas, married 3 years, 1 child, living; Helen (daughter) March 1899, New Mexico;

Julius Appel, November 1873, Germany, emigrated 1892, Dry Goods Merchant; Max Karlsruker (sp?) (partner) March 1877, Ohio, Merchant; George T Juvenal (employee) August 1880, Kansas, Store clerk;

Antonio M Archuleta see Librado Samora;

Edward P Arnold, January 1868, Wisconsin, Watch Repairman;

Sarys Art, December 1864, Australia, Builder; Mage (wife) February 1870, Ohio, married 8 years, 2 children, both living; John (son) July 1896, Iowa; Ruth (daughter) April 1894,  Kansas; Castlz Burt (Boarder) July 1870, Illinois, Mason;  


Ilario Baca, December 1877, New Mexico, School Teacher; Lina C (wife) September 1883, New Mexico, married less than 1 year, no children;

Quirina Baca  see Jose Barela;

Benjamin (sp?) Backer (sp?) August 1850, Iowa, Minister; Elizabeth F (wife) November 1846, Kentucky, married 26 years, 2 children, 1 living;

Jose Barela, March 1875, New Mexico, Day Laborer; Emilia B (wife) July 1880, New Mexico; Francisquita (daughter) November 1899, New Mexico; Quirina Baca (aunt) June 1849, New Mexico;

Benjamin Barnes (widower), March 1832, Kentucky;

James Barton, July 1846, Ohio, Saddler;

Lucas Blakslee (sp?) January 1860, Pennsylvania, Miner; Elizabeth (wife) April 1860, Pennsylvania, married 6 years, 2 children, 2 living; Whitmor (son) June 1895, Pennsylvania; Mary (daughter) April 1898, New Mexico;

Amus (sp?) Boon, August 1856, Pennsylvania (Farm Laborer); Anna (wife) August 1859, Kentucky, married 13 years, 9 children, 5 living; Clara (daughter) May 1888, Indiana;

Darl Brown, December 1865, Arkansas, Farmer; Bettie (wife) June 1869, Arkansas, married 14 years, 5 children, 4 living; Gertrue (daughter) May 1887, Arkansas; Marthie (daughter) January 1890, Indian Territory; Bell (daughter) March 1892, Arkansas; Boy (son) December 1895, Indian Territory;

Walter Burgess see Belven W Mills

Castlz Burt see Sarys Art,


James Calwell, September 1854, Arkansas, Farmer; Martha (wife) February 1860, Arkansas, married 27 years, 10 children, 9 living;  Hurly (son) February 1881, Arkansas, Farm Laborer; Burlin (son) February 1883, Texas, Farm Laborer; Lee (son) July 1886, New Mexico, Farm Laborer; Count (son) October 1888, Indian Territory, Farm Laborer; Perrie (son) January 1890, Indian Territory, Farm Laborer; Purle (daughter) December 1894, Indian Territory; Walter (son-twin) July 1898, New Mexico; Minnie (daughter-twin) July 1898, New Mexico;

Jesus Carreon, December 1830, Mexico, emigrated 1851, Taylor; Dominga (wife) November 1862, New Mexico, married 20 years, 10 children, 3 living; Jose C (son) May 1884, New Mexico; Juan A (son) June 1888, New Mexico; Patrocinia (daughter) August 1893, New Mexico;

Cisto Carrillo, March 1868, New Mexico, Day Laborer; Bibiana R (wife) November 1869, New Mexico, married 153 years, 7 children, 4 living; Gregorio (son) July 1887, New Mexico; Ursula (daughter) June 1894, New Mexico; Candelaria (daughter) July 19896, New Mexico; Aurelio (son) January 1899, New Mexico;

Feliciano Castellano, March 1877, New Mexico, Day Laborer; Antonia M (wife) May 1860, New Mexico, married 6 years, 3 children, 1 living;  William Johnson (stepson) December 1882, New Mexico, Day Laborer;

Margarita Castellano (divorced) March 1870, New Mexico, 2 children, 2 living; Rosa (daughter) April 1891, New Mexico; Maria (daughter) June 1895, New Mexico;

Burt Castlz see Sarys Art,

Pedro Clara see Margarita Salazar;

John Clodlen, September 1840, New Jersey, Hotel Keeper; Jennie (wife) August 1855, Tennessee, married 24 years, 7 children, 2 living; Fred M (son) November 1878, New Mexico, Stock Herder; Carie (daughter) September 1893, California; Ella Hale (servant, widow) December 1872, Indiana, Cook, married 8 years, 2 children, 2 living;  Christine Hale, November 1896, Kansas;

Alfonse Clouthier, May 1853, French Canada, emigrated 1861, Stock Raiser; Josefita (wife) June 1862, New Mexico, married 19 years, 7 children, 5 living; Arturo (son) December 1882, New Mexico, Stock Herder; Viola (daughter) April 1884, New Mexico; Mabal (daughter) August 1886, New Mexico; Roy (son) February 1888, New Mexico; Boulangy (son) March 1890, New Mexico;

Joseph H Clouthir (sp Clouthier), September 1842, French Canada, emigrated 1861, Farmer; Juana C (wife) November 1854, New Mexico, married 27 years, 6 children, 4 living; Amalia (daughter) June 1874, New Mexico; Emilio J (son) May 1878, New Mexico, Day Laborer; Elisa (daughter) February 1881, New Mexico; Selina (daughter) June 1891, New Mexico;

Cora C Colins (sp?) (widow) September 1858, Kentucky, married 13 years, 2 children, 2 living, Dressmaker; Elbea Martin (son) August 1878, Kentucky, Brick builder;  Cecil C (son) January 1889, Kansas;

Berl Corbett, July 1882, New Mexico, Day Laborer;

William Corbett (sp?) September 1852, Pennsylvania, Stage Driver; Jasie C (wife) April 1871, Ohio, married 2 years, no children; Ef (son) December 1880, New Mexico, Cow Herder;

Juan Cordova, February 1836, New Mexico; Lulasita  Martinez (daughter) April 1871, New Mexico, married 1 year no children; Vicente Martinez (son in law) January 1868, New Mexico, Day Laborer;

Matias Cordova, May 1861, New Mexico, Saloon Keeper; Jeronima M (wife) September 1864, New Mexico, married 15 years, 2 children, none living; Candelaria Serve (niece) January 1894, New Mexico; Felix Martinez (nephew) March 1896, New Mexico;

Valentin Cordova, January 1869, New Mexico, Day Laborer; Juana A (wife) October 1878, New Mexico, married 2 years, 2 children, 1 living; Isabelita (daughter) March 1899, New Mexico;  

James Corry, November 1845, Ireland, emigrated 1863, Retail Merchant; Luiez (wife) July 1825, New York, married 17 years, no children;

Augustus (sp?) Curtiss, February 1836, Ohio; Retired Cattle Raiser; Helen (wife) July 1845, Ohio, married 35 years, 2 children, none living;


Estefana Dacy (widow) November 1852, New Mexico, married 14 years, 6 children, 4 living; Frank (son) June 1876, New Mexico, Sheep Herder; Kitty (daughter) February 1880, New Mexico;

Stevens and Victoria Davis see Robert Dunawell,

Ada Dellon (widow) January 1857, Illinois, 6 children, 6 living, Restaurant Keeper; Richen (son) June 1877, Missouri, Warehouseman; Maymie, (daughter) January 1880, Kansas; Hady (daughter) March 1882, Missouri; Willy (son) May 1893, Arizona; Thomas (son) July 1894, Kansas; Dutsch (sp?) Samuel (boarder) March 1875, New York, Dry Good Salesman;

Robert Dunawell, November 1844, Virginia, Carpenter; Beatty (wife) April 1847, Virginia, married 33 years, 5 children, 2 living; Nora (daughter) August 1877, Virginia; Stevens Davis (son in law, marrried to Nora) March 1860, Kansas, married 5 years, 1 child, living, Carpenter; Victoria Davis (daughter) July 1879,  Virginia; Molly Stepp (niece) September 1886, New Mexico;  Cloudie Stepp (adopted daughter) August 1895, New Mexico;


Jose Epifanio, April 1868, New Mexico, Day Laborer; Tibursia (wife) October 1873, New Mexico, married 10 years, 5 children, 3 living; Relles (son) December 1891, New Mexico; Eloiso (son) May 1896, New Mexico; Romanita (daughter) February 1898, New Mexico;

John W Eshenour, October 1854, Pennsylvania, Saloon Keeper; Sarrah (wife) July 1854, Ohio, married 9 years, 4 children, 3 living; John K (son) January 1892, New Mexico; Cora (daughter) February 1894, New Mexico;

Elias Fernandez, May 1873, New Mexico; Josephine (wife) July 1878, Mexico, married 8 years, 3 children, 2 living; Nicomedes (son) December 1895, New Mexico; Anna (daughter) April 1898, New Mexico;

Burch Field (widow), June 1860, Missouri, married 12 years, 2 children, both living; Frank (son) February 1892, Missouri; Fany (daughter) December 1888, Missouri;

Corne and Henry Fisher see Marin (sp?) Gusiela (sp?);

Tomas W Freeman, (widower) October 1850, Illinois, Carpenter;

Juan Fresques, May 1870, New Mexico, Express Driver; Liandra G (wife) February 1874, New Mexico, married 11 years, 3 children, 3 living; Eva (daughter) July 1890, New Mexico; Anna A (daughter) March 1892, New Mexico; Jenoveva (daughter) May 1897, New Mexico;


Ira B Gale, March 1858, Illinois, Land Agent; Mathie (wife) August 1868, Arkansas, married 15 years, 4 children, 2 living; Core (daughter) February 1886, New Mexico; Cornelia (daughter) November 1896, New Mexico; Walter Hamilton (brother) September 1872, Missouri, Farm Laborer;

Jay C Gale, July 1867, Illinois, Farmer; Maltie E (wife) September 1871, Kansas, married 11 years, 3 children, 3 living; Edna (daughter) March 1890, New Mexico; Thelma (daughter) April 1894, New Mexico; Waine (son) June 1896, New Mexico; Cornelia (mother, widow) April 1837, Ohio, 1 child, living;

Miguel A Gallegos, May 1864, New Mexico, Day Laborer; Selestina M (wife) May 1864, New Mexico, married 18 years, 1 child, living; Samuel (son) September 1883, New Mexico;

John Gardinar (sp?) July 1875, Arkansas, School Teacher;  

Juan Gonzales, December 1855, New Mexico, Day Laborer; Jacoba (wife) May 1860, New Mexico, married 22 years, 7 children, 2 living; Agapito J (son) March 1885, New Mexico; Eusebio (son) November 1887, New Mexico;

Manuel Gonzales, March 1852, New Mexico, Day Laborer; Juanita (wife) March 1855, New Mexico, married 18 years, 15 children, 5 living; Felisitas (daughter) May 1879, Colorado; Vicente (son) October 1882, Colorado; Grabiel (sp?)  (son) March 1886, New Mexico; Eutimia (daughter) December 1891, New Mexico;

Herman Goodman, February 1862, Germany, emigrated 1877, Dry Goods Salesman; Adie B (wife) August 1873, Kansas, married 12 years, 5 children, 4 living; Joe (son) June 1895, New Mexico; Nely (daughter) March 1893, New Mexico; Mamie (daughter) August 1903, New Mexico; Emma Cheves (daughter)  September 1889, New Mexico; Nancy Wilson (servant) Dewcember 1879, New Mexico, Cook;

John Granger, November 1854, Michigan, Salesman; Ella (wife) September 1864, Kansas, 9 children, 2 children, 2 living; Maude (daughter) March 1892, New Mexico; Clifton (son) July 1895, New Mexico;

John Green, August 1857, Illinois, Farm Laborer; Martha (wife) December 1862, Ohio, married 8 years, 2 children, 2 living; Rolla (son) February 1893, Illinois; Edith (daughter) March 1895, Illinois;

Marin (sp?) Gusiela (sp?) (widow) January 1839  Missouri; Corne Fisher (daughter, widow) April 1863, Missouri, HenryFisher (grandson) January 1889, Kansas;

Leonardo Gutieres (sp), March 1869, New Mexico; Aniseta (wife) April 1865, New Mexico, married 10 years, 4 children, 2 living;  Costancia (daughter) June 1890, New Mexico; Necomedes (son) June 1894, New Mexico;


Christine or Ella Hale see John Clodlen

Walter Hamilton see Ira B Gale,

Joseph Harison, March 1874, Texas, Blacksmith; Carrie (wife) September 1878, Arkansas, married less than 1 year, no children;

Charles Hartley, December 1860, Indiana, Stock Dealer; Emily O (wife) January 1861, Illinois, married 3 years, no children; Frank N (son) September 1887, Wisconsin;

Crist Hensen, March 1869, Denmark, Farmer, emigrated 1888; Sophia (wife) Denmark, married 9 years, 5 children, 3 living; Walter (son) January 1894, New Mexico; Ester (daughter) August 1895, New Mexico; Viola (daughter) November 1899, New Mexico;

Adam Herman (widower), October 1823, Germany, Tailor.

Elija (sp?) Herman, December 1867, New Mexico, Farmer; Minne (wife) November 1866, Indiana, married less than 1 year, no children; Alfred L (brother) January 1873, New Mexico, Bar Tender; Augustus (brother) October 1879, New Mexico, Farm Laborer;

Robert Hern, May 1840, Missouri, Blacksmith; Isabel W (wife) September 1854, New Mexico, married 26 years, 15 children, 10 living; Dun (son) December 1877, New Mexico, Stock Herder; William B (son-twin) October 1880, New Mexico; Bowman (son-twin) October 1880, New Mexico, Sheep Herder; May (daughter) March 1882, New Mexico; Martha (daughter) April 1884, New Mexico; Bell (daughter) February 1892, New Mexico; Anna (daughter) March 1894, New Mexico; James (son) August 1899, New Mexico;

Anastacio Herrera, January 1859, New Mexico, Day Laborer; Bersabe (wife) March 1865, New Mexico, married 21 years, 1 child, 1 living; David (son) January 1887, New Mexico; Anna (daughter) March 1891, New Mexico;

Antonio Herrera, April 1865, New Mexico, Day Laborer; Juana G, September 1871, New Mexico, married 9 years, 3 children, 2 living; Amanda (daughter) September 1894, New Mexico; Gregorita (daughter) March 1897, New Mexico;

Juan Herrera, January 1865, New Mexico, Farm Laborer; Felipa M (wife) January 1866, New Mexico, married 14 years, 6 children, 1 living; Antonio M (son) June 1892, New Mexico; Pedro Lopez (nephew) February 1889, New Mexico, Farm Laborer; Rosa Herrera (niece) March 1899, New Mexico;

Leo Hines, April 1865, Indiana, Physician; Mine (sp?) December 1867, Ohio, married 10 years, 5 children, 3 living; Alsie R (daughter) October 1891, Indiana; Calasas M (daughter) August 1897, New Mexico; Frederic (son) May 1900, New Mexico;

James Howe, June 1840, Indiana, Blacksmith; Emliy (sp?) (Wife) January 1840, Iowa, married 39 years, 9 children, 9 living; Nelly (daughter) December 1884, Colorado; Lottie (daughter) March 1887, Colorado; Iniez (daughter) June 1889, New Mexico;

William Howe, November 1858, Unknown; Amy (wife) January 1860, Unknown refused to answer;

Frank Hutchison, April 1867, Pennsylvania, Publisher; Cora M (wife) January 1868, Illinois, married 6 years, 1 child, living; Florence E (daughter) December 1896, New Mexico;


Jose Jaramillo, September 1836, New Mexico, Day Laborer; Rufina (wife) March 1852, New Mexico, married 34 years, 7 children, 1 living; Emiliano (son) August 1879, New Mexico, Day Laborer;

Jac M Jecobs (sp?) December 1856, Germany, 1878, Hotel Keeper; Francis (wife) May 1860, Germany, married 19 years, 3 children, 3 living; Samuel (son) May 1882, Missouri; Janny (daughter) September 1885, Missouri; Hannah (daughter) September 1885, Missouri;

Peter Jense (sp?), February 1858, Denmark, emigrated 1891, Farmer; Sarah (wife) March 1867, Missouri, married 3 years, 2 children, both living; Hanford (son) April 1898, Missouri; Mary E (daughter) August 1899, New Mexico;

Robert Johnson, November 1847, Ireland, emigrated 1876, Farmer; Jany 9wife) October 1852, Ireland, married 20 years, no children;

William Johnson see Feliciano Castellano

George T Juvenal see Julius Appel 


Max Karlsruker (sp?) see Julius Appel

Michael Keenan, November 1838, Ireland, emigrated 1858, Miner; Kate (wife) September 1855, England, married 25 years, 4 children, 4 living; Matamor (son) August 1875, Colorado, Butcher; Edward (son) May 1877, Colorado, Cow Herder; Viola (daughter) May 1879, Texas; Lorena (daughter) March 1890, New Mexico;

Anna Kibert (widow), July 1842, Denmark, married 24 years, 5 children, 3 living; John DP Waters (employee) September 1866, Wisconsin, Farm Laborer; Ramus Rasmussen (sp?) (employee) September 1872, Denmark, emigrated 1892, Farm Laborer; Tyodon Rasmussen, September 1886, Nebraska, Farm Laborer;

Joseph Krayes, March 1875, Germany, emigrated 1897, Priest;

Joseph A Kremer (sp?) March 1863, Pennsylvania, Drug Store; Lewisa C (wife) September 1871, Illinois, married 6 years, 3 children, 3 living; Francis N (daughter) April 1894, New Mexico; Florence J (daughter) February 1896, New Mexico; Franklin (son) November 1897, New Mexico;


Byron Lacy, January 1859, Ireland, emigrated 1880, Retail merchant; Laura (wife) November 1868, Arkansas, married 13 years, 4 children, 4 living; Fanny L (daughter) January 1888, Arkansas; Mable L (daughter) November 1889, Arkansas; Mary R (daughter) July 1892, Arkansas; Blanch (daughter) October 1899, Arkansas;

Adolph Lange, March 1862, Germany, emigrated 1876, Farmer;

Ciprian Lara see Amador Montoya,

Peter Larson, May 1840, Denmark, emigrated 1866, Farmer; Eliza (wife) March 1851, Denmark, married 26 years, 12 children, 7 living; Mary (daughter) January 1877, Nebraska; Emma (daughter) October 1880, Nebraska; Louie (son) November 1885, Nebraska; Lottie (daughter) April 1888, Nebraska; Bertha (daughter) March 1892, New Mexico; Florence (daughter) July 1896, New Mexico;

Guy Ley (sp?) April 1867, China, emigrated 1887, Laundryman;

George Locksey, February 1872, Illinois, Printer;

Eusebia Lopez (widow), March 1864, New Mexico, 2 children, not living;

Pedro Lopez see Juan Herrera;

Wallace Lyon, October 1871, Kansas, Saloon Keeper;


George Maclure (sp?) November 1869, Illinois, Blacksmith; Ora A (wife) May 1876, Illinois, married 3 years, 1 child, living; George W (son) November 1879, Texas;  

Joseph Magrath (sp?) November 1859, New Mexico, Stock Raiser; Guadalupe (wife) December 1862, New Mexico; married 22 years, 8 children, 8 living; Adela (daughter) March 1879, New Mexico; Luisa (daughter) November 1881, New Mexico; Alfredo (son) June 1885, New Mexico; Tomas (son) March 1887, New Mexico; Trinidad (son) August 1890, New Mexico; Carlos (son) April 1893, New Mexico; Rufina (daughter) May 1895, New Mexico; Cecilia (daughter) March 1898, New Mexico;

Vicenta Manchego (widow) , January 1840, New Mexico, married 11 years, 5 children, none living;

Charles Marks, March 1834, Germany, Baker;

Anastasia Martinez, May 1864, New Mexico, married 3 years, no children.

Benito Martinez, February 1865, New Mexico, Day Laborer; Adelaida (wife) February 1865, New Mexico, married 15 years, 3 children, 1 living; Libradita (daughter) May 1885, New Mexico;

Eujenia Martinez (widow) November 1862, New Mexico, married 15 years, no children;

Felix Martinez see Matias Cordova;

Francisco Martinez, January 1850, New Mexico, Day Laborer; Carmel A (wife) July 1860, New Mexico, married 23 years, 9 children, 5 living; Marta M (daughter) December 1878, New Mexico; Santos (daughter) November 1885, New Mexico; Virginia (daughter) February 1887, New Mexico; Salome (daughter) October 1890, New Mexico; Telesfor (son) July 1897, New Mexico;  

Lulasita and Vicente Martinez  see Juan Cordova

Nestor Martinez, February 1831, New Mexico, Farmer; Rita V (wife) May 1840, New Mexico, married 45 years, 1 child, not living;

Clara Maxwell, December 1860, Kansas, married 11 years, no children, Assistant Postmaster;

Corra Meredith see Hugo Seaberg

Charles Miller (widower) January 1840, Germany, emigrated 1848, Farm Laborer;

Belven W Mills, October 1845, Canada, lawyer; Ella E (wife) April 1845, Michigan, married 19 years, no children; Whitson (adoptive son) January 1890, Colorado; Clara (adoptive daughter) February 1884, Texas; Daniel W (father) December 1825, Ohio; Hanna (mother) April 1825, New York, married 53 years, 1 child; Edae Nils (mother in law, widow) January 1822, New York,; Frank Shuck (employee) October 1878, Pennsylvania, Bookeeper; John Scherrer (employee) September 1849, Tennessee,  Blacksmith;  Anna Nelson (servant) August 1881, Kansas, Cook; Agusta Nelson (employee)  September 1876, Kansas, servant;  Jesse Ritcharson (sp?) (servant) March 1875, Kansas, Farm Laborer; Walter Burgess (employee) January 1869, Illinois, Store Clerk;

Amador Montoya, May 1861, New Mexico, Sheep Raiser; Mariquita (wife) May 1880, New Mexico, married 3 years, 2 children, 1 living; Josefita (daughter) July 1899, New Mexico; Francisca (daughter) August 1885, New Mexico; Margarita (daughter) May 1887, New Mexico; Margarito (son) October 1888, New Mexico; Juanita (daughter) April 1891, New Mexico; Doloritas (daughter) May 1894, New Mexico; Ciprian Lara ?(brother in law)  January 1887, New Mexico, day laborer;

Leandro Montoya, June 1854, New Mexico, Day Laborer; Agapita G (wife) December 1872, New Mexico, married 4 years, 1 child, not living;

Rafaela Montoya (widow) January 1838, New Mexico, 2 children, 1 living; Juan Pacheco (grandson) July 1887, New Mexico, Day Laborer; 

Andrew Morton, March 1843, Scotland, emigrated 1881, Banker; Julia L (wife) August 1864, Ohio , married 9 years, 2 children, 2 living; Abert A (son) August 1896, New Mexico; Helen F (daughter) March 1899, New Mexico;

Maria, Matilde and LocarioMoya see Anamaria Trujillo;

Henry Neese, January 1869, Missouri, School Teacher; Rethine (wife) March 1876, Missouri, married 3 years, no children;

Agusta and Anna Nelson see Belven W Mills;

Edae Nils see Belven W Mills;


Candido Olona, January 1871, New Mexico, Saloon Keeper; Felisitas (wife) March 1873, Colorado, married 5 years, 3 children, 2 living; Eloisa (daughter) November 1895, New Mexico; Conrado D (son) December 1899, New Mexico; 

Thoma Oniel, October 1865, Illinois, Bartender;  

Juan Pacheco see Rafaela Montoya

Frank Peterson, August 1857, Denmark, emigrated 1879, Blacksmith; Emma F (wife) October 1867, Denmark, married 13 years, 5 children, 3 living; Lanmford (son) July 1895, New Mexico; Bertie M (son) January 1885, Wisconsin; Lucile J (daughter) January 1887, Wisconsin;

Solomon Pifes, March 1873, Michigan, Teacher;

Jesus Quintana, February 1853, New Mexico, Railroad Laborer; Luz R (wife) October 1872, New Mexico, married 13 years, 10 children, 6 living; Pedro (son) January 1888, New Mexico; Daniel (son) May 1892, New Mexico; Savinita (daughter) November 1890, New Mexico; Jose (son) March 1895, New Mexico; Francisquita (daughter) October 1897, New Mexico; Juan (son) March 1899, New Mexico;

Jesus Quintana, May 1862, New Mexico, Day Laborer; Clara L (wife) July 1845, New Mexico, married 20 years, 10 children, 3 living; Damian (son) Novmber 1883, New Mexico, Day Laborer;


Ramus and Tyodon Rasmussen see Anna Kibert

Louis Reyness, July 1875, Ohio, Barber; Violet L (wife) May 1880 New Mexico, married 4 years, 2 children, 2 living; George (son) February 1897, New Mexico; Carrie E (daughter) April 1899, New Mexico;

Charles Ribers (sp?) May 1850, Wisconsin, Miller; Teresa (wife) October 1859, Germany, married 24 years, 1 child, living;

Jassie Rinoe (sp?) see Hugo Seaberg

Jesse Ritcharson (sp?) see Belven W Mills;


Manuel Salazar, December 1854, New Mexico, Retail Merchant; Fanny (wife) January 1865, New Mexico, married 18 years, 8 children, 5 living; Tomas A (son) August 1883, New Mexico; Ines A (daughter) February 18898, New Mexico; Manuel F (son) December 1893, New Mexico; Fanny V (daughter) July 1896, New Mexico; Sofia F (daughter) October 1898, New Mexico;

Margarita Salazar (widow) February 1834, New Mexico, 1 child living; Pedro Clara (boarder) April 1883, New Mexico;

Librado Samora, September 1865, New Mexico, Day Laborer; Francisquita C (wife) Decem,ber 1867, New Mexico, married 16 years, 10 children, 1 living; Carlos (son) November 1884, New Mexico; Antonio M Archuleta (boarder) October 1870, New Mexico, Day Laborer;

Dutsch (sp?) Samuel see Ada Dellon;

Francisca M Sanchez (widow) January 1840, New Mexico, married 39 years, 8 children, 4 living; Rita A (grand daughter) February 1882, New Mexico;

Lupe Sandoval (widow), December 1860, New Mexico, married 13 years, 2 children, both living;

Robert Sandoval, February 1832, New Mexico, Day Laborer; Dolores F (wife) March 1852, New Mexico, married 36 years, 10 children, 4 living; Isavelita (daughter) December 1883, New Mexico; Estevan (son) June 1893, New Mexico;

Sirteo (sp?) Sandoval, March 1870, New Mexico, Day Laborer; Juana, June 1862, New Mexico, married 23 years, 8 children, 5 living; Damasio (son) December 1882, New Mexico, Day Laborer; Pedro (son) New Mexico, Sheep Herder;  Teodorita (daughter) August 1885, New Mexico; Fidelia (daughter) April 18881, New Mexico; Daniel (son) August 1893, New Mexico;

Andrew Scherrer, November 1844, Switzerland, emigrated 1860, Mason; Whilemin (wife) January 1852, Germany, married 30 years, 9 children, 7 living; Anton (son) August 1883, Iowa, Farm Laborer; Aedwerd (son-twin) December 1890, Kansas; Henry (son-twin) December 1890, Kansas; William (son) April 1893, New Mexico; 

John Scherrer see Belven W Mills;

Hugo Seaberg, December 1869, Sweden, emigrated 1887, Lawyer; Lottie (wife) November 1867, Missouri, married 7 years, 2 children, 1 living; Agnes E (daughter)  September 1895, New Mexico; Jassie Rinoe (sp?) (employee) November 1869, Kansas, Stenographer; Corra Meredith (employee) December 1888, Kansas;

Candelaria Serve see Matias Cordova;

Abraham Sever, August 1847, Indiana, Carpenter; Harriet E (wife) September 1865, Kentucky, married 9 years, no children; Chester B (son) January 1882, New Mexico;  Lois R (daughter) July 1884, New Mexico;

Milton R Shotwell, February 1870, Missouri, Druggist; Stanley J Willson (partner) November 1878, Canada, emigrated 1892, Jeweler;  

Frank Shuck see Belven W Mills;

Livinos Smet, September 1877, Belgium, emigrated 1893, Farmer; Martinus (brother) October 1876, Belgium, emigrated 1893, Farm Laborer;

Jose S Solano, September 1870, New Mexico, Day Laborer; Sea W (wife) August 1879, New Mexico, married 5 years, 2 children, both living; Eduvijen (daughter) May 1893, New Mexico; Eufelia (daughter) April 1897, New Mexico; Nestor (son) September 1899, New Mexico;

Solomon Spiegel, March 1867, Ohio, Retail Salesman; Amalia (wife) May 1870, Germany, married 9 years, 4 children, 4 living; Bennie (son) May 1892, Missouri; Alfred (son) November 1893, Missouri; Edith (daughter) April 1897, Missouri; Albin (son) August 1898, New Mexico;

Asa Srong (sp?), December 1878, Kansas, Clerk;

Molly and Cloudie Stepp see Robert Dunawell,

Henry B Steward, May 1843, New Jersey, Shoe Maker; Rich (wife) September 1842, Indiana, married 33 years, 6 children, 2 living;

Emmet J Stover, November 1846, Pennsylvania, Drugstore Clerk;

Slaton (sp?) Strohm (widow) December 1854, New Mexico, 11 children, 2 living;

Fred Strong, January 1868, Indiana, Rail Agent; Effie (wife) October 1878, Kansas, married 11 years, 1 child, living; Erl (son) April 1890, Kansas;

Henry Sturges, March 1838, New York, Farmer; Sylvia (wife) August 1842, Massachusetts, married 41 years, 3 children, 3 living;


Peter Talle, May 1851, Norway, Retail Merchant; Susue J (wife) March 1860, California, married 21 years, 4 children, 3 living; Carl P (son) September 1879, Kansas; Otis A (son) April 1881, Kansas; Thomas P (son) January 1884, New Mexico, Stock Herder;

John C Talylor (sp?) June 1854, Illinois, Ranger; Ella (wife) July 1864, Illinois, married 15 years, 4 children, 4 living; Jacob S (son) October 1887, New Mexico; Ethel (daughter) January 1886, New Mexico; Nell (daughter) December 1889, New Mexico; Ruby (daughter) September 1892, New Mexico;

John Towner (widower), March 1828, Ohio, Postmaster;

Anamaria Trujillo (widow), July 1860, New Mexico, 8 children, 3 living; Julian (son) June 1878, New Mexico, Day Laborer; Locario Moya, (son in law) June 1877, Mew Mexico, Day Laborer; Maria J Moya (daughter) June 1881, New Mexico, married 2 years, 1 child, living; Matilde Moya (grand daughter) June 1899, New Mexico;

Catarina Trujillo (widow), April 1866, Colorado, 3 children, none living;

Jose Trujillo, April 1859, New Mexico, Day Laborer; Jacinta (wife) September 1863, New Mexico, married 18 years, 6 children, 2 living; Luz (daughter) July 1885, New Mexico; Antonio (son) June 1892, New Mexico;

Lupe Trujillo (widow), March 1862, New Mexico; Brida (daughter) March 1887, New Mexico,

Lupe Trujillo (widow) June 1860, New Mexico, married 12 years, 9 children, 3 living; Marselino (son) December 1880, New Mexico, Day Laborer; Susana (daughter) May 1881, New Mexico;

Manuel Trujillo, January 1867, New Mexico, Day Laborer; Elisa G (wife) February 1875, New Mexico, married 4 years, 3 children, 3 living; Juanita (daughter) September 1893, New Mexico; Fane (daughter) November 1896, New Mexico; Feliberto (son) September 1899, New Mexico;

Ramon Trujillo, August 1830, New Mexico; Nicolaza (wife) June 1860, Mexico, Married 30 years, no children;


Ignocensio Valde (sp Valdez), December 1850, New Mexico, Farmer; Elena (wife) September 1858, New Mexico, married 27 years, 15 children, 10 living; Cornelia (daughter) November 1873, New Mexico; Juan B (son) October 1876, New Mexico, Stock Raiser; Narsiso (son) November 1878, New Mexico, Stock Raiser: Alfredo (son) December 1880, New Mexico, Stock Raiser; Rejina L (daughter) February 1884, New Mexico; Mersedes (daughter) July 1887, New Mexico; Elena (daughter) May 1890, New Mexico; Inocencio J (son) January 1896, New Mexico; Alfonso D (son) April 1898, New Mexico; Eloisa (daughter) March 1900, New Mexico;

Jose Valdez, March 1859, New Mexico, Day Laborer; Victorian (wife) March 1873, New Mexico, married 14 years, 6 children, 5 living; Benigno (son) July 1888, New Mexico; Antonio J (son) February 1892, New Mexico; Daniel (son) June 1894, New Mexico; Lucia (daughter) October 1896, New Mexico; Rita (daughter) April 1899, New Mexico;

Manuel Valdez, December 1850, New Mexico, Farmer: Carmen (wife) April 1853, New Mexico, married 31 years, 17 children, 7 living; Luis (son) July 1870, New Mexico, Day Laborer; Petra (daughter) February 1873, New Mexico, Dressmaker; Fabiola (daughter) December1876, New Mexico; Carlos (son) April 1879, New Mexico, Day Laborer; Felix E (son) August 1881, New Mexico, Day Laborer; Sofia (daughter) May 1885, New Mexico; Matilde (daughter) December 1887, New Mexico;

Milder (sp?, female)  Vance, March 1849, Arkansas, Arkansas, married 30 years, 9 children, 8 living; William (son) April 1881, Texas, Stock Herder; Noel (son) November 1884, New Mexico, Farm Laborer; Ralf (son) January 1888, New Mexico, Farm Laborer; Nettie (daughter) June 1878, Texas; Beolah (daughter) August 1892, New Mexico;

Antonio Vigil, October 1839,New Mexico, day laborer; Rosario D (wife) December 1854, New Mexico, married 29 years, 1 child , 1 living;  Prajedes (son) July 1877, New Mexico, day laborer; Rosanda C (daughter) May 1884, New Mexico;

David Vigil, October 1863, New Mexico, Day Laborer; Petra (wife) February 1879, New Mexico, married 2 years, no children;

Eduvigen Vigil (widow), October 1860, New Mexico, 1 child, living, Washerwoman; Juan Jose (son) April 1897, New Mexico;


Fanny Walker (widow), January 1842, Kentucky, 6 children, 6 living, Restaurant Keeper;

George Walter, May 1874, New Mexico, Dry Goods Merchant,

Severn Walter, January 1874, New Mexico, Store Clerk;

John DP Waters see Anna Kibert

William Webster, June 1860, Wisconsin, Railroad foreman; Fanny (wife) May 1862, Illinois, married 19 years, 8 children, 8 living; Robert H (son) June 1882, Kansas, Day Laborer; George E (son) February 1884, Kansas, Day Laborer; Clyde (son) January 1886, Kansas; May (daughter) December 1887, Kansas; Basie (daughter) April 1891; Henna J (daughter) July 1893, Kansas; Calvin S (son) May 1895, Kansas; William H (son) September 1897, Colorado;

Charles Wheritt, March 1872, Missouri, Dentist;

CharlesWilhelm, March 1847, Germany, Builder; Elizabet (wife) March 1859, Switzerland, married 19 years, 4 children, 4 living; Mary (daughter) April 1893, New Mexico; Albert (son) February 1890, California;

Nancy Wilson see Herman Goodman;

Stanley J Willson see Milton R Shotwell;

Clarence Write, October 1868, Georgia, Railroad Laborer; Emilia A (wife) December 1877, New Mexico, married less than 1 year, no children;

Joseph Younkey, August 1866, Russia, emigrated 1876, Harness Repair; Poline (wife) June 1875, Russia, married 7 years, 4 children, 4 living; Matilda (daughter) September 1894, Kansas; Josephine (daughter) March 1896, New Mexico; Joseph (son) September 1898, New Mexico; Rose (daughter) April 1899, New Mexico;


Places of Birth

New Mexico Territory Total (307)

United States Total (192)  =  Arizona (1);  Arkansas (16);  California (3);  Colorado (10);  Georgia (1); Illinois (21); Indiana (9); Indian Territory (5); Iowa (4); Kansas (32); Kentucky (7); Massachusetts (1); Michigan (3); Missouri (22); Nebraska (5); New Jersey (2); New York (5); Ohio (15); Pennsylvania (10); Tennessee (2); Texas (7); Virginia (4); Wisconsin (7);

Other Total (47) = Australia (1); Belgium (2); Canada (2); French Canada (2); China (1); Denmark (9); England (1); Germany (13); Ireland (5); Mexico (4); Norway (1); Russia (2); Scotland (1); Sweden (1); Switzerland (2);


Baker (1); Banker (1); Barber (1); Bar Tender (2); Blacksmith (6); Book Keeper (2); Brick Builder (1); Builder (2); Butcher (1); Carpenter (4); Clerk (2); Cook (3); Cow Herder (2); Day Laborer (43); Dentist (1); Dressmaker (1); Druggist (1); Drug Store (1); Dry Goods Merchant (2); Dry Goods Salesman (2); Express Driver (1); Farmer (15); Farm Laborer (20); Harness Repair (1); Jeweler (1); Hotel Keeper (2);  Land Agent (1); Laundryman (1);  Lawyer (2); Mason (2); Merchant (5); Miller (1); Miner (2); Minister (1); Painter (1); Physician (1); Postmaster + Assistant (2); Priest (1); Printer (1); Publisher (1); Rail Agent (1); Railroad Foreman (1); Railroad Laborer (2); Ranger (1); Restaurant Keeper (2); Retired Cattle Raiser (1); Saddler (1); Salesman (2); Saloon Keeper (4); School Teacher (4); Servant (3); Sheep Herder (3); Sheep Raiser (1); Shoe Maker (1); Stage Driver (1); Stenographer (1); Stock Dealer (1); Stock Herder (5); Stock Raiser (6); Store Clerk (3); Tailor (2); Warehouseman (1); Washerwoman (1); Watch Repairman (1);

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