Step-by-step guide: Using Meyers Gazetteer Online

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Access Meyer’s gazetteer using one of the following methods:

1. through

  •  go to
  •  access the Library Catalog from the “Search records” or “Library” tabs
  • in “keyword search” enter “Meyers Orts” [ quotes and capitalization are not required.]
  • On the “results” screen, choose the entry with the full title and author “Uetrecht” (in July 2009.the 4th entry down.) 
  • click on the appropriate volume ( A-K= Vol.1, L-Z= Vol. 2)

2. using the FamilySearch Wiki

  • Type “” in your Internet address window. The address will change to
  • Click on “Germany” • Click on the link found in “research tools” on the Germany portal page
  • Click on the appropriate volume (A-K= 1, L-Z= 2)
  • Links to Meyers Gazetteer are also found on several other FamilySearchWiki pages, including the "Germany- Gazetteers" page 

Find the page you need

  • Click on the first letter of the place name Note the first and last place names listed on the top of each page.
  • Browse the numbered pages until you find the page that contains the needed entry.

Find the entry

Each page in Meyer’s gazetteer consists of three columns.

To navigate on each page

  • Click on the “maximize screen” icon in the top right corner of the screen
  • The bottom scroll bar allows you to moveleft to right across the page.
  • Move the bottom scroll bar all the way to the right. Another vertical scroll bar to the left of the right marginal scroll bar allows you to move up and down on the page.
  • Pages or sections can be printed using the “printer icon” on the top left.

Reading helps