Step 6. Organize your papers

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 Pacific Island Guide  > Step 6. Organize your papers

1. Gather your papers together so you can find what you need and keep things from getting lost. 
-scattered papers-.jpg
Papers behind pedigree.jpg
Papers behind fgr.jpg

2.  Put your Ancestor (Pedigree) charts, To Do Lists, and

Results lists in one pile and your family charts (Family Group Records) in another pile.

3.  Put your Family Group Records in alphabetical order by name.
Alphabetical fgrs.jpg

4.  Put the papers about each family behind their family chart

Pile with family charts.jpg

    • Put a person’s papers from before they are married behind their parents’ family chart.

    • After a person is married, put their papers behind the family chart

       where they appear as the husband and wife.

   • Keep your pedigree charts in one folder and your To Do lists and Results Lists in another.

   • You then can put the Pedigree Chart and associated papers for each family in a folder in alphabetical order by name.

   • The more papers you get, the bigger the container you will need. 

Containers for papers.jpg

   • Store them in a safe place.

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