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Sharing your genealogy allows you to preserve your family history in the Pedigree Resource File and share it with others around the world. A copy of the genealogy files (GEDCOM format) that you submit will be preserved in the Granite Mountain Records Vault located near Salt Lake City, Utah. In addition, your genealogy may be made conveniently available to others either on compact disc or on the Internet.
#REDIRECT [[Pedigree Resource File#Submitting_Your_Genealogy]]
Follow these steps to submit your family history information to the Pedigree Resource File (PRF):
*Go to [http://www.familysearch.org/ http://www.familysearch.org]
*Register on the site or sign in if you have already registered.<br>
*Click on the '''Search''' tab.
*Click on the&nbsp;'''Genealogies''' sub-tab.<br>
*Click on '''Submit&nbsp;Tree '''at the&nbsp;bottom and follow the steps provided.

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