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*[[Swedish Church Records|Swedish Church Records]]
*[[Swedish Church Records|Swedish Church Records]]
<gallery widths="160px" heights="120px" perrow="3" caption="Sweden, Örebro Church Records Examples">
<gallery caption="Sweden, Örebro Church Records Examples" perrow="3" heights="120px" widths="160px">
Image:Sweden, Örebro Church Records (09-0188) (11-0432) (11-0684) (11-1240) (11-1488) (13-0534) Birth Record DGS 4115981_168.jpg|Birth Record
Image:Sweden, Örebro Church Records (09-0188) (11-0432) (11-0684) (11-1240) (11-1488) (13-0534) Birth Record DGS 4115981_168.jpg|Birth Record
Image:Sweden, Örebro Church Records (09-0188) (11-0432) (11-0684) (11-1240) (11-1488) (13-0534) Marriage Record DGS 4115981_183.jpg|Marriage Record
Image:Sweden, Örebro Church Records (09-0188) (11-0432) (11-0684) (11-1240) (11-1488) (13-0534) Marriage Record DGS 4115981_183.jpg|Marriage Record
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*[[Sweden: Language and Languages]]  
*[[Sweden: Language and Languages]]  
*[[Swedish Genealogical Word List]]
*[[Swedish Genealogical Word List]]
{{Tip|Don't overlook {{FHL|Sweden, Örebro|keywords|disp}} items in the FamilySearch Library Catalog. For other libraries (local and national) or to gain access to items of interest, see [[Örebro County, Sweden]].}}
== Known Issues with This Collection  ==
== Known Issues with This Collection  ==

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FamilySearch Record Search This article describes a collection of historical records available at FamilySearch.org.
Access the records: Sweden, Örebro Church Records, 1613-1918; index 1635-1860 .

Title in the Language of the Records

Sverige, Orebro Kyrkoböcker Register

Record Description

The collection consists of church records from the county of Örebro. It contains indexes to births, marriages, and deaths along with images of:

  • Clerical surveys
  • Registers of birth, marriage, and death
  • Mmove-in and move-out lists
  • Confirmations
  • Church accounts

The records are handwritten in narrative style. They cover the years 1613 to 1918; index 1635 to 1860.

For a list of records by parishes published in this collection, select the Browse.

Coverage Table

A coverage table for Örebro is available in the wiki article FamilySearch Digital Image Collection for Örebro, Sweden

The coverage table lists all the parishes in Örebro along with the following:

  • Associated digital genealogical society (DGS) numbers
  • Name of parish
  • Swedish archival letter code by the record type
  • Volume and Years
  • Remarks from the national archives that offers some detail into the content of the record. These remarks are in Swedish, but most of the words are key genealogical terms.

The columns can be sorted by clicking on the box by the title of each column. Place lists can be found on the actual parish pages.

Tips about the Coverage Table

  • Most of the microfilming done by the Genealogical Society of Utah in Sweden took place in the 1950s. Since that time some volumes have been renumbered or reclassified by the archives. As a result, the information you may see on the microfilming titleboard may not exactly match the description in the table below.
  • Some collections have had records added to them since they were microfilmed. Because of this, the description in the Volume and Year and Remarks columns may indicate that records are available beyond the time when they were filmed. In these cases you should contact the national or regional archive to determine what is accessible.

Record History, Content and Use

For details about the contents of these records, their history, and help using them see the following wiki articles:

Search the Collection

To search the collection image by image
⇒Select "Browse through images" on the initial collection page
⇒Select the appropriate "Parish"
⇒Select the appropriate "Record"
⇒Select the appropriate "Volume and Year" which takes you to the images.

Help with the Language

These records are in Swedish so you will need to be able to understand written Swedish. For help with reading the records, please see the following wiki articles:

Known Issues with This Collection

Important.png Problems with this collection?
See a list of known issues, workarounds, tips, restrictions, future fixes, news and other helpful information.

For a full list of all known issues associated with this collection see the attached Wiki article. If you encounter additional problems, please email them to support@familysearch.org. Please include the full path to the link and a description of the problem in your e-mail. Your assistance will help ensure that future reworks will be considered.

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Citing FamilySearch Historical Collections

Citations for individual image records are available for this collection. Browse through images in this collection and click on the "Show Citation" box: Sweden, Örebro Church Records, 1613-1918; index 1635-1860

When you copy information from a record, you should list where you found the information. This will help you or others to find the record again. It is also good to keep track of records where you did not find information, including the names of the people you looked for in the records.

A suggested format for keeping track of records that you have searched is found in the wiki article Help:How to Cite FamilySearch Collections.

Citation for This Collection

The following citation refers to the original source of the information published in FamilySearch.org Historical Record collections. Sources include the author, custodian, publisher and archive for the original records.

"Sweden, Örebro Church Records, 1613-1918; index 1635-1860" Index and Images. FamilySearch. http://FamilySearch.org : accessed 2013. Citing Landsarkivet i Uppsala.