Sweden: Geografiskt-Statistiskt Handlexikon Öfver Sverige

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Geografiskt-Statistiskt Handlexikon Öfver Sverige was edited by C.M. Rosenberg and first printed in 1883. This gazetteer gives over 65,000 places within Sweden and describes Sweden at the time when emigration was at its peak and includes all parishes, most villages and larger farms.
This gazetteer is excellent for showing the spellings of Swedish place names prior to the spelling reform which took place in 1906. Some of the main points in the 1906 spelling reform to keep in mind in searching for a place name are:
• f, fv, fw, hv, and hw as signs of the V-sound were replaced by V.
• DT was changed to T or TT
• C was in most places replaced by K and is used today mostly to make a double K, which is
written CK.
Helpful vocabulary:
Gård Farm
By Village
Socken (Sn) Parish
Härad (Hd) District
Län County

This set of books is available at some library, archives, and research institutions as well as in microfilm, fiche, or CD form. Check your local area.
• Family History Library with the Call # SCAND 948.5 E5r.
• Family History Library and Family History Centers: INTL FILM # 0,873,678 and 0,873,679 (both necessary for entire set) and microfiche #6,030050 to 6,030074.
• Svar and Sveriges Släktforskarförbund have extracted the information into a database called C.M. Rosenberg to republish the information in the original books. This is on a CD that is available for purchase at the online bookshop for Sveriges Slaktforskarförbund at this website: http://genealogi.netrix.se/shop/
• It is also available to subscribers of the SVAR website (see http://www.svar.ra.se/). It is under “Shortcuts – Databases” with the name Rosenberg – Geographic Dictionary of Sweden.