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Sweden is Europe's fifth largest country in land area. 1573 km long with eight climatic zones.

Total Land Area: About 450,000 km2
Forest: 54%
Mountains: 16%
Cultivated Land: 8%
Lakes and Rivers: 9%
Length North/South: 1,574 km 977 miles
Length East/West: 499 km 310 miles
Capital of Sweden: Stockholm.
City Population: 1.7 Million people
Largest Island: Gotland, 3,001 km2
Longest River: Klara-Göta, 720 km
Largest Lake: Vänern, 5,585 km2
Total # Lakes: About 100,100. 22 are larger then 100 km2
Highest Mountain: Kebnekaise, 2,111 km 6,926ft alt.

Average Temperature:
The temperature ranges from -30oC/-20oF to +30oC/90oF depending on time of year and Location.

In January In July
Malmö -0.2oC/+31.6oF +16.8oC/+62.2oF
Stockholm -2.8oC/+30.0oF +17.2oC/+63.0oF
Kiruna -16.0oC/+3.2oF +12.8oC/+55.0oF

Average Daylight:

Sweden is also known as the land of the "Midnight Sun". In the north, during the summer months, the sun never sets. In the winter months, the sun never rises above the horizon.

January 1st               July 1st
Malmö 7 hours          17 hours
Stockholm 6 hours    18 hours
Kiruna 0 hours          24 hours

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