Sweden: Organized L.D.S. Emigration Groups

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Organized LDS Emigration Groups Organized emigration from Scandinavian began in 1852 and continued up until about 1890. Leaders were called to assist the emigrants in the journey. Missionaries who had completed their missions would travel home to Utah with the emigrants. One or more of the missionaries were called to be the leader of the group. Most of the organized groups began in Copenhagen. The groups leaving from Copenhagen would be Danish and Swedish Saints. Often Norwegian Saints sailed out of Oslo and went directly to Liverpool where they would join with other Scandinavian Saints. The Scandinavians usually joined saints from other places in Europe and Great Britain in Liverpool. Detailed information about each company and names of missionaries, may be found in Andrew Jenson’s book, “History of the Scandinavian Mission”. Pages listed in the table below are for Andrew Jenson’s book. The number of Saints leaving shown in the table below includes children. Depart. Date Place of Depart. Number in Comp. Arrival Date Arrival place Page number Notes
Jan 1852 Copenhagen 9 Swedes In England 1 Month, Joined by 19 Danish Saints. Sailed from Liver pool 1 March on the ship “Italy”
20 Dec 1852 Copenhagen 294 Saints 30 Sep 1853 Salt Lake City 70-72 Only 3 Swedes -- John Eric Forsgren, & 2 siblings