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There are many smaller units of residence which compose a parish in Scandinavia.  These smaller units are commonly referred to as villages and/or farms.  The Swedish term for village is "by" and the term for farm is "gård".  A village is generally composed of several farms and is usually located nearer the center of the parish where the church if commonly found.  An individual farm could be located at a greater distance from the parish and usually is populated by several families rather than a single family.

In the Swedish gazetteer, Svensk Ortförteckingar, (FHL book # 948.5 E8sv) you will find a complete listing for all the villages and farms in Sweden.  A reminder that in the Swedish alphabet following Z are the letters Å åÄ ä, and Ö ö.  These letters when included in the spelling of Swedish place names indicate to the user that it is necessary to look after Z fo find the correct listing of the place.