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=== Swedish Beginnings in Illinois  ===
=== Swedish Beginnings in Illinois  ===

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Swedish Beginnings in Illinois

Recommended Reading

History of the Swedes of Illinois, Ernst W. Olson, Anders Schön, Martin J. Engberg, Engberg-Holmberg Publishing Co., 1908. http://www.ayerpub.com/Product.asp?ProductID=4400000017974&Res=T

"Where did the Swedes Go? The Causes of Swedish Immigration and Settlement Patterns in America" by Rickie Lazzerini http://www.kindredtrails.com/Where-Did-The-Swedes-Go-3.html

Some history of Swedes in Chicago is given in the Encyclopedia of Chicago in an article titled "Swedes" by Anita Olson Gustafson.  See http://www.encyclopedia.chicagohistory.org/pages/1222.html