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Cemeteries with Swedish Population

Aitkin County

Malmo Cemetery in Malmo Township http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~mnaitkin/malmocm.htm

Anoka County

Fridsborg Cemetery in East Bethel Township http://www.ac-hs.org/fridsborgburial.htm

Becker County

Upsala Cemetery in Richwood Township http://www.kandj.net/~kim/cemeteries/becker/richwoodtwp.html Swedish Lutheran Cemetery in Cuba Township http://www.kandj.net/~kim/cemeteries/becker/cubatwp.html

Big Stone County

Big Stone Baptist Cemetery (Swedish Baptists) in Big Stone Township http://www.kandj.net/~kim/cemeteries/bigstone/bigstonetwp.html
Lakeside Cemetery Lindholm Mission Cemetery (Swedish Christian Church) in Prior Township http://www.kandj.net/~kim/cemeteries/bigstone/priortwp.html
Elim Cemetery (Swedish Lutheran Elims Congregation of Clinton) in Prior Township http://www.kandj.net/~kim/cemeteries/bigstone/priortwp.html

Carlton County

Sandy Lake Cemetery (Swedish Baptist) in Blackhoof Township http://www.kandj.net/~kim/cemeteries/carlton/blackhooftwp.html

Carver County

East Union Cemetery (Swedish Lutheran Church) in Dahlgren Township http://www.debbiesgenealogy.com/Dahlgren-E.Union35.htm
Scandia Baptist Cemetery in Laketown Township http://www.debbiesgenealogy.com/Laketown_township18.htm
Swedish Mission Church Cemetery in Watertown Township http://www.debbiesgenealogy.com/watertown_township9A.htm
Swede Lake Cemetery in Watertown Township Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery - Gotaholm Congregation in Watertown Township http://www.debbiesgenealogy.com/watertown_township21.htm

Chippewa County

Louriston Cemetery (First Swedish Methodist Episcopal Church in Louriston Township
Zion Church Cemetery (Swedish Lutheran Church) in Louriston Township
Swedish Lutheran Cemetery in Louriston Township  http://www.topozone.com/map.asp?lon=-95.4511111&lat=45.0972222&datum=nad83

Chisago County

Almelund Cemetery (Swedish Lutheran Church) in Lindstrom Township http://minnesota.hometownlocator.com/maps/feature-map,ftc,2,fid,2069028,n,almelund%20cemetery.cfm

Clay County

Fridhem-Swedish ELC Cemetery in Oakport Township
Scandia Cemetery in Flowing Township

Douglas County


Fahlun Cemetery in Nelson Township http://www.topozone.com/map.asp?lon=-95.2550336&lat=45.9049631&datum=nad83 Fahlun Church Cemetery in Osakis Township
Fryksende Cemetery in Urness Township http://www.topozone.com/map.asp?lon=-95.7183809&lat=45.9066268&datum=nad83

Rose City Swedish Baptist Cemetery in Spruce Hill Township  [1]

Freeborn County

Zion Cemetery (Swedish Lutheran Cemetery)

Goodhue County


Zion Church Cemetery (Swedish Lutheran Cemetery in Goodhue http://www.kandj.net/~kim/cemeteries/goodhue/goodhuetwp.html
Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church of Vasa Cemetery in Vasa Township http://www.kandj.net/~kim/cemeteries/goodhue/vasatwp.html
Swedish Methodist Episcopal Cemetery in Vasa Township http://www.kandj.net/~kim/cemeteries/goodhue/vasatwp.html
Swedish Methodist Episcopal Cemetery in Goodhue Township
Swedish Baptist Cemetery in Vasa Township http://www.kandj.net/~kim/cemeteries/goodhue/vasatwp.html
St. Anscars Cemetery (St. Ansgar Swedish Lutheran Cemetery) in Cannon Falls Township http://www.kandj.net/~kim/cemeteries/goodhue/cannonfallstwp.html
Mt. Carmel Cemetery (Mt. Carmel Swedish Baptist Cemetery) in Red Wing Township
Prairie Island Cemetery earlier known as Swedish Lutheran Church Cemetery in State Forest Township

Hennepin County

Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery in Independence Township
Christ Lutheran Cemetery formerly known as Swedish Lutheran Gotalund Church Cemetery in Independence Township
Swedish Lutheran Cemetery in Maple Plain Township http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~mnhennep/christlutheran.htm

Houston County

First Swedish Baptist Cemetery in Houston Township
Swede Bottom Cemetery (Swedish Baptist Cemetery) in Sheldon Township
Swedish Adventist Cemetery in Cambridge Township

Kandiyohi County


Lake Elizabeth (Swedish Baptist Church) Cemetery in Lake Elizabeth Township
Bethesda Evangelical Cemetery (Swedish Mission Cemetery) in Fahlun Township
Ebenezer Cemetery (Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church) in Kandiyohi Township
Lake Andrew Cemetery (First Swedish Methodist Episcopal Cemetery in Lake Andrew Township
Lake Florida (Swedish Mission) Church Cemetery in Lake Andrew Township

Lac Qui Parle County

Mission Covenant Church (Swedish Methodist Church) Cemetery in Maxwell Township
Swedish Lutheran Church Cemetery in Providence Township http://www.topozone.com/map.asp?lon=-96.1416667&lat=44.85&datum=nad83
First Swedish Methodist Episcopal Church in Providence Township; nearest major town is Dawson http://www.topozone.com/map.asp?lon=-96.1666667&lat=44.8305556&datum=nad83

Lincoln County

West Elim Cemetery (Swedish Lutheran Church) in Ash Lake Township
East Elim Cemetery (Swedish Lutheran Church) in Ash Lake Township

Lyon County

Russell Cemetery (Swedish Baptist Church) in Lyons Township

Marshall County

Elim Church (Swedish Evangelical Church) Cemetery in Oak Park Township
Augustana Lutheran Cemetery (Swedish Evangelical Church) in New Folden Township
Foldahl Cemetery (Swedish Nyed) in Foldahl Township
Swedish Cemetery (Baptist cemetery) in Wanger Township
Randeen Cemetery (Nordskog Swedish Church) in Linsell Township
Eagle Point Church Cemetery (Swedish Baptist Church) in Eagle Point Township

McLeod County

Swedish Lutheran Cemetery in Bergen Township http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~mnmurray/faithswedishhtm.htm

Murray County

Faith Swedish Cemetery in Avoca Township http://www.kandj.net/~kim/cemeteries/murray/avoca.html

Nicollet County

Swedish Lutheran Cemetery (also known as Belgrade Swedish Cemetery) in Belgrade Township
Scandia Grove Cemetery (Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church) in Lake Prairie Township
Greenwood Cemetery (Swedish Methodist Cemetery) in New Sweden Township http://www.kandj.net/~kim/cemeteries/nicollet/newswedentwp.html

Norman County

Bethel Swedish Cemetery (West Wild Rice Cemetery) in Wild Rice Township http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~mnnorman/cem.html
Scandinavia Cemetery in McDonaldsville Township

Otter Tail County


Swedish Cemetery (Swedish Evangelical Lutheran) in Parkers Prairie Township
St. William Cemetery (Swedish Lutheran Church Cemetery) in Parkers Prairie Township
Swedish Mission Covenant Cemetery (also known as Nidaros Cemetery) in Leaf Mountain Township
Swedish Mission Covenant Cemetery in Nidaros Cemetery Township
Swedish Baptist Church Cemetery in Aurdal Township
Gustava Cemetery (Swedish Lutheran Church) in Compton Township
Compton Cemetery (Swedish Lutheran Church Cemetery) in Compton Township
Scandinavian Christian Mission Church Cemetery in Compton Township
Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery (Gottalund Swedish Lutheran Cemetery) in Amor Township
Svenska Lutherska Kyrke Garden Cemetery (Augustana Lutheran Church) in Elizabeth Township
Rothsay Cemetery (Swedish Baptist Church Cemetery) in Oscar Township
Scandinavian Christian Mission Church Cemetery in Maplewood Township
Central Swede Grove Lutheran Church Cemetery in Erhards Grove Township
Scandinavian Evangelical Free Church Cemetery in Trondhjem Township

Polk County

Bethany Holy Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, Grand Forks Township http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~mnpolk/grand_marais_bethany_south_egf.htm
Bethany North Lutheran Cemetery, Grand Forks Township http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~mnpolk/cemeteries.htm
Bethany Lutheran Cemetery , Chester Township http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~mnpolk/cemeteries.htm
Bethesada Lutheran Swedish Cemetery, Esther Township http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~mnpolk/cemeteries.htm
New Sweden Cemetery, Lessor Township http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~mnpolk/new_sweden_cem.htm
Salem Swedish Lutheran Cemetery, Knute Township
Swedish Baptist Cemetery, McIntosh Township http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~mnpolk/swedish_baptist_cemetery.htm

Pope County

Swedish Mission Cemetery in Reno Township http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~mnpope/genweb/popecem.html#Anchor-Reno

Redwood County

Swedish Cemetery in Springdale Township http://www.kandj.net/~kim/cemeteries/redwood/springdaletwp.html
Trinity Cemetery (Swedish Lutheran Church) in Springdale Township http://www.kandj.net/~kim/cemeteries/redwood/springdaletwp.html

Renville County

Ebenezer Cemetery (Swedish Evangelical Lutheran) in Sacred Heart Township
Old Swedish Lutheran Cemetery in Crooks Township http://www.kandj.net/~kim/cemeteries/renville/crookstwp.html
Palmyra Covenant Swedish Mission Cemetery in Palmyra Township http://www.kandj.net/~kim/cemeteries/renville/palmyratwp.html
Palmyra Cemetery (Palmyra Swedish Methodist Church) in Palmyra Township http://www.kandj.net/~kim/cemeteries/renville/palmyratwp.html

Roseau County

Swedish Cemetery in Badger Township http://www.kandj.net/%7Ekim/cemeteries/roseau/badger.html

Todd County

Swedish Cemetery in Ward Township http://www.kandj.net/~kim/cemeteries/todd/wardtwp.html
Scandinavian Church Cemetery in Eagle Valley Township http://www.kandj.net/~kim/cemeteries/todd/eaglevalleytwp.html

Wabasha County

Swedish Lutheran Cemetery in Millville Township http://www.kandj.net/~kim/cemeteries/wabasha/millville.html

Wadena County

Swedish Mission Cemetery in Bullard Township http://www.kandj.net/~kim/cemeteries/wadena/bullardtwp.html

Waseca County

Vista Swedish Lutheran Church Cemetery in Otisco Township http://www.kandj.net/~kim/cemeteries/waseca/otiscotwp.html

Wright County

Swedish Cemetery in Woodland Township http://www.kandj.net/~kim/cemeteries/wright/woodlandtwp.html
Swedish Cemetery in Cokato Township

Yellow Medicine County

Swede Home Lutheran Cemetery in Swede Prairie Township http://files.usgwarchives.net/mn/yellowmedicine/cemetery/swedehom.txt