Swedish County Emigration Indexes

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Parish ministers were required to send yearly extract records to the Central Bureau of Statistics (Statisktiska Centralbyrån) of people leaving Sweden or arriving in Sweden from another country. This practice was supposed to have started in 1851, but it did not become common until 1865.

The Central Bureau of Statistics compiled these records by county. These records have been microfilmed to the year 1940. Thus far, the records between 1851 and 1860 have been indexed. The indexing is an ongoing project. Some counties have indexes more recent than 1860.

These records contain the name of each parish on the first page with statistical information about that parish. Information about the people arriving from another country or leaving Sweden has separate sections on the next page.

Using the Extracts on Microfilm

These indexes can be found on the Family History Library Catalog by doing a locality search for the county, and then by looking under the subject heading of Emigration -Immigration. You will find the following listing for each Swedish county:Sverige. Statistiska Centralbyrån (name of the county, län). Emigrantlistor, 1851-1940.

You select the year you wish to search and the film number is found directly to the right of the year. On the microfilm, each parish in the county will have two sheets of information. The first sheet is a statistics sheet listing the number of males/females emigrating from the parish in that year - with the name of the parish listed at the top of the page. The second and any subsequent pages for that parish shows the names of each person emigrating, their age, sometimes their social status i.e. "dräng" (farm hand), "Piga" (unmarried female, no matter what her age), sometimes the name of the farm or village where the person resides, and each person’s destination.  That is generally "North America," but sometimes the name of the U.S. state and/or city/village within that state is given.

If you only know the name of the province, you will need to determine which counties make up that province and then look up the catalog listing for each county. For example, if the ancestor came from Småland province, then you will need to look up each of the counties which make up Småland;  the counties of Jönköping, Kalmar, and Kristianstad.