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Established: 1965  
Established: 1965  

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Established: 1965


The initiative to create the Swedish Emigrant Institute was largely due to the efforts of Governor Gunnar Helén. The original purpose of the Institute was to increase the understanding of, and document, the great Swedish migration that took place between 1846 and 1930. In recent decades the Institute has expanded its mission to include the documentation of the emigrant experience of those who have left their own homelands for Sweden.

Summary of Collections

  • Swedish original documents
  • Swedish American original documents (including diaries, letters, etc.)
  • Oral histories (Swedish emigrant audio recordings)
  • Photograph collections
  • Library (Swedish and U.S.)
  • Memorabilia from both Sweden and the United States
  • Swedish American Church Records on Microfilm
  • Swedish American Society (-ies) Records on Microfilm
  • Swedish American Newspapers on Microfilm
  • Collections of Vilhelm Moberg
  • Landelius Utlands Svenska Klippsamling (Otto R. Landelius)
  • The Arthur Landfors, and Rudolf Oslund collections
  • James L. Sanderson Collection, Scandinavians in Australia 1817 – 1992
  • Ella Heckscher, Genealogical Research Collection

Databases at the Swedish Emigrant Institute

Emigrants Database Swedish American Church Archives Swedish American Church Members Swedish American obituary Swedish American Fraternal Lodge Membership Liljegrenska Archive


In the city of Växjö, Sweden

Contact information

Website: http://www.utvandrarnashus.se/

Visiting address: Vilhelm Mobergs gata 4 352 34 Växjö Phone +46-470-201 20 Fax +46-470-394 16

Mailing Address: The House of Emigrants Box 201 SE-351 04 Växjö