Swedish Moving In and Out Records (Inflyttnings och Utflyttningslängder)

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According to the church law of 1686: ”Their names and time of moving in or out of the parish (shall be recorded)”. [1]

Even with this law in place, not all parishes maintained a Moving In and Moving Out record throughout the 1700s. It is during the 1800s that the moving records become more consistent. Initially the focus was emphasized on recording the migration of the single laborers. As time went on it became more common to record everyone who was moving in or out of the parish. The purpose of keeping the moving in and out records was primarily based on taxation. Authorities needed to know where each individual lived to assess and collect the taxes. The moving in and out records are generally kept in chronological order. You will find that sometimes the moving ins’ are in one book and the moving outs’ in another. Other times they are recorded in the same book. Usually you will find information such as:

  • The name of the person moving
  • Where they are moving from (by residence or parish name)
  • Where they are moving to (by residence or parish name)
  • The date of moving
  • Occasionally the birth date of the person moving
  • Occasionally the birth place of the person moving


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