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Tingslag is a geographic administrative area for the häradsrätten. The organization of a tingslag is often based on the traditional häradstructure. In northern Sweden the name tingslag was used rather than the name SwSwedish_Härad.Depending on the size of the härads, you can have multiple härads united to create a tingslag.Multiple tingslag make up a Domsaga. Historically every tingslag had a tingplats (a place of judgement) and later a tinghus (court house). Through the years the number of tingslag have been reduced as they have been combined. By 1971the härradsrätterna and rådhusrätterna were replaced by the tingsrätterna


  • Knowing that a judicial district is called a härad in mid to southern Sweden and a tingslag in northern Sweden helps you to find the appropriate court records.
  • A tingslag can also be made up of two or more härads.
  • Multiple tingslag make up a Domsaga (which is a higher judicial level.)


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