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City Hall

City hall
233 East Washington Street
City Hall, Room 203
Syracuse, New York 13202
Phone: 315–448-8005

City Clerk
John P. Copanas, City Clerk
231 City Hall
233 E. Washington St.
Syracuse, NY 13202
Phone: 315–448-8216

Quick Facts

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1784: Permament settlement began.

1825: The Village of Syracuse was incorporated.

14 December 1847: Villages of Salina and Syracuse were combined into the City of Syracuse.


Archives and Libraries

  • Calendar of the Gerrit Smith papers in the Syracuse University Library: general correspondence, volume 1, 1819-1846, pub. 1941 (FHL)
  • City of Syracuse archives guide, pub. 1981 (FHL)
  • Dorothy Thompson : an inventory of her papers in Syracuse University Library, pub. 1966 (FHL)
  • Guide to historical resources in Onondaga County, New York, repositories, pub. 1985- (FHL)


  • Memorial history of Syracuse, N.Y., from its settlement to the present time, pub. 1891 (FHL)
  • Past and present of Syracuse and Onondaga County, New York: from prehistoric times to the beginning of 1908; also biographical sketches of some prominent citizens of Syracuse and Ononaga County, pub. 1908 (FHL)
  • The political blue book of Syracuse, N.Y., pub. 1902 (FHL)
  • Syracuse and its environs : a history, pub. 1924 (FHL)

Business Records and Commerce

  • The first hundred years: being a brief history of the Syracuse Savings Bank and the city it serves, pub. 1949 (FHL)
  • The First National Bank of Syracuse : the story of fifty years, pub. 1913 (FHL)


Due to the large section on the Cemeteries, please refer to the Cemeteries page for the City of Syracuse


  • Syracuse, New York 1910 census enumeration district map, pub. 1919 (FHL)
  • 1920 census map for Syracuse, New York, pub. 1916 (FHL)
  • New York, Onondaga, Syracuse - Census - Indexes, film is at bottom of the list (FHL)

Centennial Celebrations

  • Centennial tour of Syracuse : Friday, July 30, 1948, pub. 1948 (FHL)

Church Directories, History and Records

Due to the lengthy section, please refer to the page for Church Directories, History and Records for the city of Syracuse.


  • The Blue book, or, Abridged directory of Syracuse, N.Y. : with an appendix of literary, art and scientific associations, clubs, charitable institutions, churches, etc., pub. 1888-1890 (FHL)
  • Daily Journal city register and directory for 1851-1852: together with the advertisements of the principal business men, and alphabetical list of streets and public squares of the city (FHL)
  • Duplex directory of Syracuse: giving the names of the citizens in alphabetical order, and a classified directory of householders and businessmen's names arranged by street and numbers, to which is added a map, a new census and an appendix of much useful information, pub. 1896 (FHL)
  • Official Labor Day annual : White City, Monday, September 2, 1907 (FHL)
  • The political blue book of Syracuse, N.Y., pub. 1902 (FHL)
  • The red book of Syracuse and Onondaga County, pub. 1923 (FHL)
  • Syracuse (New York) city directories, 1844-1935 (FHL)
  • Syracuse city directory, 1878-1879: containing also the names of the residents of Geddes and Danforth, a new census, a map and an appendix (FHL)
  • The Syracuse directory : including Solvay; gives names, occupations and addresses of all men eighteen years old or over, women who carry on business or are employed, 1908, 1913, 1924 (FHL)


  • Central New York Genealogical Society surname list (FHL)
  • Records of the Syracuse chapter of the Sons of American Revolution (FHL)
  • Six generation ancestor tables : bicentennial project by Central New York Genealogical Society (FHL)


see also Biography, Business and Commerce

  • The city of Syracuse, N. Y. : its location, surroundings, and the attractive features it presents to those who seek an enterprising city in which to live and labor, pub. 1899 (FHL)
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  • Syracuse (FHL)
  • Syracuse and its surroundings, pub. 1878 (FHL)
  • Syracuse, the central city of the greatest state of the greatest country of the world, pub. 1906 (FHL)
  • Where to find it : bibliography of Syracuse history, pub. 1920 (FHL)

Jewish Records

  • From a minyan to a community : a history of the Jews of Syracuse, pub. 1970 (FHL)

Maps and Gazetteers

See also: Census


  • Afro-Americans in New York life and history - v. 12-13 (1988-1989) (FHL)
  • Afro-Americans in New York life and history - v. 14-15 (1990-1991) [incomplete] (FHL)


  • Onondaga Standard (Syracuse, N.Y.). 1829-1831. Indexed and searchable at Ancestry ($).
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  • Deaths & marriages from the Daily Standard, Syracuse, N.Y., 1860-69 (FHL)
  • Deaths & marriages, 1850-1860, from the files of the Syracuse Chronicle, The Daily standard & the Madison Observer (FHL)

Probate Records

  • Abstracts of last wills and testaments (FHL)

School History and Records

  • Alumni record and general catalogue of Syracuse University (FHL)
  • Report of the Committee on Education, pub. 1908 (FHL)
  • A history of the schools of Syracuse : from its early settlement to January 1, 1893 (FHL)

Town Records

  • When Syracuse was a village : snap shots of early days, taken from village records in the city clerk's office, pub. 1915 (FHL)

Vital Records

City of Syracuse Office of Vital Statistics
421 Montgomery St.
Civic Center, Ninth Floor
Syracuse, NY 13202
Phone: 315–435–3241

Genealogical resources: Records in the City Clerk's office begin in 1908 and only marriage licenses issued from this office are on file. In order to release information or copies of a marriage license to someone other than the bride and groom, a license must have been issued 50 years or more and both parties must be deceased.

Societies, Libraries and Museums