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Boiler-plate content out of place

Most of the content on this page is "boiler-plate" or generic to all of England. Besides unnecessarily repeating content multiple times, there are two problems with using this boiler-plate or generic content here, namely:

  1. Some of the content is incorrect. For example, it says that this collection came from the Sussex Record Office. That is not true. It came from the Derbyshire Record Office. I believe the problem comes from copying text used somewhere else without removing text specific to that other area. Another annoying issue is the section titled "Examples of Source Citations for a Record Found in This Collection".  Both of the examples given are from other countries -- USA and Mexico. It doesn't have anything to do with a record found in THIS collection, rather it is an example from a different collection. Could we rename the section "Examples of Source Citations for a Record Found in a Digital Image Collection"?
  2. The boiler-plate text (the whole of the sections titledRecord Description, Record Content, How to Use this record, Record History, Why the record was created, record reliability, related websites, and related wiki articles) has been copied into this article. What happens if corrections or improvements are made to the article this was copied from? The text here will not be corrected or improved. Rather than copy and paste, we should either write one article for these topics and refer to it from each of the parish register collections, or use a template so that changes to the base text are pushed to the individual collection articles that use it. I personally prefer the first of these two, because it bothers me to have examples given where the records used as examples don't come from this collection.

I would also like to see some consideration to making the Related Websites andRelated Wiki Articles sections more useful. Both of these sections are currently "related" to the generic article rather than to this specific collection. I would like to see links to sites and articles directly related to this collection rather than the generic topics of parish registers or church records as a whole. Moving the generic content to a separate, generic page would allow for this. The generic page about parish register collections could then be linked to from each collection.

I haven't looked at many of the other Church of England, Church Records (FamilySearch Historical Records) for the counties. On this particular page I see the focus is on the Church records and not on the collection of Derbyshire itself. There are articles already on Church Records and it would require only a few sentences and links to those articles; although I do like the images of the documents on this page. The problem is not solely about this page, just take a look at the Derbyshire page. Most sections are not even developed, also the Derbyshire Church Records page. Infact, there is not one link to the England, Derbyshire, Church of England, Church Records (FamilySearch Historical Records) anywhere on the Wiki. I do not know how 130 people have found it, maybe its on Google.
I've noticed on the wiki that some people often do not link to the hiearchy of pages on a subject, rather they hash out the same material without linking to anything on the wiki. I think this should be addressed in training sessions. There are far to few contributors to the England Wiki.Donjgen 23:47, 13 January 2012 (UTC)