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bibdesc coding

Please do not remove or edit the coding around the “Citation for This Collection” section of this article. The coding is essential for the source to appear on the Collection Page and is only visible when the page is viewed in wikitext.

Thank you for your help with the FamilySearch Historical Record wiki articles; we look forward to seeing you in the wiki!

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This article has two CID numbers at the bottom, but only one of them is included in the template at the top. Since it's not available yet I can't find the proper titles for each collection easily. Laralee 15:54, 14 April 2010 (UTC)


The titles will be added to the article and will be linked to the collections when the collections become available.

Please provide information about the coverage of this index--are all the parishes in Essex included?  If not, which ones are included and for what years?  Which parishes are taken from Bishop's Transcripts and which from Parish Registers?  Without this information this index is almost useless because the content is unknown.  In other words, am I not finding my ancestor because they weren't in Essex, or am I not finding my ancestor because the parish they were in is not included in the index?  These are two very different questions that would take a search in completely different directions.