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The images for this collection have been published online before a wiki article has been completed? This is meant to explain the collection which is available online? Would it not have been logical to complete this page prior to publishing images online?

The image presentation would take a great deal of manual copying; is the FamilySearch Historical Records group responsible for including a link to the collection and adding any issues with the image presentation or are FamilySearch asking local contributors to do manual additions to each place included in this collection? Hostelry 22:08, 21 February 2012 (UTC)

May we offer constructive criticism to those managing Historical Records collections as a group of Kent contributors? The presentation of images in this collection is assembled using a technology which does not enable copying of the content (or rather the "way point" headings chosen by FamilySearch). Therefore if you want towns and parishes added to relevant wiki pages ( or relevant subsequent pages created to reflect more modern parish or settlement/ places of worship) you are offering nil information at time of publication to local contributors and they are faced with the task of manually adding every item displayed in the collection. We are extremely disappointed that FamilySearch seems unable to co-ordinate publication of images and as pointed out to offer a collection with a page purporting to describe the records which has no explanation seems an unprofessional and casual attitude to publication. We believe that FamilySearch should have co-ordinated better and ensured that this series of images should have had prior to publication a detailed explanation of both the scope of the content and the record for those unfamiliar with the type of record, location etc and that those of us who have contributed our time to build parish content could have been treated better to contribute to the county's records being offered. Penshurst 08:55, 25 February 2012 (UTC)

Explanation of Land Tax Series

Including the FamilySearch treatment of Boroughs and towns in the Kent in the images displayed requires some explanation of the history; this might be attempted in this page or in the relevant existing or future creation pages. For example see Tonbridge St Peter and St Paul, Kent page and discussion page. The page(s) should assist novice-expert to understand why FamilySearch images have been assembled in this way and facilitate searching.

See also Thanington, Kent for explanation of the Borough of Cockering not reflected in the "way point" adopted 1780-1824; Thanington only appears 1825-1831.

Penshurst 10:40, 25 February 2012 (UTC)