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The title states clearly "England Street Index" but large numbers of these entries are in Wales (which is a different country!!!)

I suggest that you either changes the page title or remove all of the Welsh entries! --<a href="User:Bromaelor">Bromaelor</a> 16:46, 23 January 2013 (UTC)

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I have contacted the original contributor on this page and asked about doing a title change. Hopefully, we'll hear from her. If not, you can certainly do that yourself, but if you need any help, please let us know. <a href="User:Averyld">averyld</a> 20:53, 16 April 2013 (UTC)

If I remember correctly, this was part of project transferring and preserving information from the old familysearch website. The page title was in keeping with other pages in the project or even the old website. Obviously, it is a good idea to refine the page and either change the title or divide the content to more accurately reflect the content.  It was a project we worked on that needs to be improved like much of the Wiki. Thank you for your interest!  If you DO change the title, realize that you can't simply change the title but have to create a new page and transfer the content and check all of the links to be sure they are reattached. It is quite a process.  There are quite a few pages with a similar titles so they would all want to be consistent.  It is sounding like a small project!  And please forgive me for I have forgotten how to sign these posts! User:Kara