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Click the Edit This Page button to make suggestions. Messages will be removed after careful review by support and any updates will be posted to the Project Updates page. Many commonly asked questions, such as indexing crossed out information, have already been answered in the Basic indexing instructions.

1. If a township is entered as the location on the census form, should we enter the township name?
Should we use the word township? i. e. "Lower Windsor Township" I notice the Township names
minus the word township is in the Lookup for the field.

2. If 2 locations are entered as the location on the census form, what should we enter? Do we enter
both? Do we enter as written on the census form or do we insert anything between the 2 locations?
i.e. " East Prospect and Lower Windsor Township"
I am from the next township east of there. East Prospect is an incorporated town surrounded by
Lower Windsor Township. East Prospect is not part of Lower Windsor Township. They are 2
separate entities in York County, PA
See Shared Batch: 166413679

3. Also, underneath the names enumeration... are the corresponding location lines for each of the
names. IF Town or City, or Minor Civil Division are blank.. May we use the location as listed
below the names?