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Email to Indexing

The Indexing team  does not have the manpower to address questions posted on these Discussion pages. Please send an email to with the name of the project or question in the title. averyld 16:28, 16 April 2013 (UTC)

Spelling of location names

 Few things are more aggravating to an indexer than to have arbitrators correct a spelling improperly. For example, the city of Pittsburgh is spelled with an h.  The indexing instructions tell us to spell locations correctly, but this project incorrectly lists "Pittsburg" as the correct spelling.  I have probably asked for a review of this arbitration error a couple hundred times by now and never see a change.

Please, can't someone make this simple change?!

Additional names in microscopic writing!

I can't find any directions in the project instructions about what we are to do when additional information has been added to a register page in REALLY tiny writing. Usually, it's telling what the man's alias was when he enlisted in a different year than the current page. At first, when I ran across these, I entered them as aliases (Frank Or Frederick) <~~example. And those were arbitrated as correct for quite a while, but suddenly they began to be arb'd as incorrect ... and the arbitrator added a separate line for the additional information, including the different year, even though all that information clearly referring to only one person. 

Has anyone else run into this? There's nothing about it in the project instructions or updates. I can index these either way. I would just like to know what is considered correct.

I've run into this too, where additional or alternative names are listed on the line directly below, with a different year at the end of the record, and sometimes different states of enlistment. I'm unsure how to correctly index the information as well.

Multiple dates of enlistment

How should multiple dates of enlistment be indexed? For example, "June 8 or 11 1813".