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How should Brooklyn T'p be indexed? Please review the recently added presentation under the Additional Helps tab.

Film 005028126 Batch 483 Has BI at the top of the page.  Next Image has BL.  Is this page number?  Field will only allow numeric entries. It is not a page number.  Many pages have no page numbers.

There seems to be conflicting Instructions when the Residence Field contains a fraction in the numerical address.  Do we "index as seen" per the Project Field Helps, or, leave the fraction out per Basic Indexing Guidelines to not include fractions?  Please read the most recent project updates for this project.  Basic Indexing Guidelines are always used when there are no other instructions. Official updates always take precedence over any previous instruction.

What about typos in the date field?  All dates are either 1866 or 1867, but I've come across a date that's 1366, do I correct that to 1866? Please type what you see in this field.

Could you please expand a bit on your 12/27 Update that says to index " (12/27) - Index documents with name and age"    We kinda figure that we need to index them.. but there is no explanation as to how to index regarding the registration date..  There is no "registration date"...
The only thing regarding date on the page is an age column that says"  "age last birthday prior to June 1, 1880"   You can see that in the example.   Do we use a date for registration or not for this example?

Sometimes it seems the focus is on Brevity in explanations... and not enough explanation.