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When the card lists only a Canadian Province in the country field, such as "Nova Scotia" or "New Brunswick" but does not have the country listed with it, do we index it under province or country?

I second the question.   The person asking entered them as provinces.. and an arbitrator corrected them to the Birth Country field.   I, on the othe hand,  when the name Canada is not there, and the card just says say Nova Scotia, or Labrador, or whatever... have always entered them as the Country.  I have never had them changed by an arbitrator when listed as Country.

That has been my understanding on how to do things...

1.) Type what you see rule

2.) In the Lookup for the Birth Country field... the province names are listed as acceptable countried for the field

3.) Canada did not become a Country until July 1, 1967... and that was only 4 of the current provinces, Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.