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The rule: "If there is no naturalization year on the card use the denied year, but only if it is on the front of the card"

Is the same thing as saying, "Index the date Naturalization is denied on the plain unformatted cards; but do not index the Naturalization denial date on the Preformatted cards."

Naturalization denial dates are on the front of the card ONLY on the plain unformatted cards.

Naturalization denial dates are on the back of the card ONLY on the Preformatted cards.

Basic Indexing Guidelines says:

"Missing Date - 
"If a date is missing for the event you are indexing, determine at least the year of the event, if possible.  Records are often listed chronologically by year.  If available, check the records just before and just after to determine the year." 

Plus the Help Center says this regarding previous/next images extending between 2 images on same batch and between two batches.. For both we are told to use the information from the next image, whether on the same batch or between 2 different batchts:

Using both Basic Indexing Guidelines and the Help Center, the date of Naturalization Denial should be included from the back of the Preformatted cards.