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project order

I'd find the data more useful and accessible if the projects were in alpha order by project name rather than by percent complete. </fck:hr>

  • One of the old pages had a table that could be sorted by column. That would be helpful here.


I'm not clear on the meaning of the percentages. Is it the percent of indexed batches that have been arbitrated? Is it the percent of all batches in the project that have been arbitrated?

There needs to be wiki project update pages for each and every project.  People have lots of questions and some of the current update pages are somewhere between nonsense and totally useless with no information  and  almost totally useless.

For instance, the 1930 Puerto Rico Census..   NOTHING..  People have questions on names and other things.. between Project Instructions, the empty Project Updates page, Field Helps, and Basic Guidelines.. there is no answer.. 

Also, the Civil War Headstones project,  Indiana marriages, Illinois, Chicago- Catholic Church Records... also have no helpful wiki page.

In case you are not familiar... with a wiki update page.. people can ask a question on the discussion tab... and FSI and update/answer the question on the main wiki page for that project.  Here is an example of a Project Update wiki page:,_New_England%E2%80%93Naturalization_Index_1791-1906,_Project_Updates

A Update wiki page needs to be created for each project AND the discussion page needs to be created so that people can click on the discussion tab to ask their questions.