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Do we need this site in Finnish?Eli; tarvitaanko tätä myös suomeksi?

OK.. Not quite sure if this is the way to answer... I need to study how to use this wiki.. it is a bit different than FAIR wiki :) Not quite sure where to start, what to do.. where to see an example how to... I will be travelling so I dont have time before after a couple of days, but I am always interested to help with what I can. Are there any other Finnish here? Am I doing this to help fex Americans to search their ancestors in Finland and the Finnish that know english to do the research? Is there already a fb site for FS in Finnish (any other language) and what kind the different linguistic sites are? Should I just start a fb for this in Finnish? What is on those sites? How to start one, what should be in it... any excamles?

M    {{Helpme}}

Right now there is no FS Wiki for Finland in Finnish. It would be great to have one, and I know FamilySearch is working on getting more research wiki's created in non-english languages. Meanwhile, I think there is a lot of great work that could be done in the English version that could be migrated over very easily when the Finnish version is up and going. It would save time in the end to populate the Finnish version, and help a lot of people with Finnish ancestry who do not know Finnish.

MorrisGF 14:33, 7 June 2011 (UTC)

Under the "Welcome" section there is a sentence that needs completion:  "Please visit the to learn more about using the site."  Visit the ?

Thanks evkesler