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Deggendorf Miscellaneous City Records Wiki

So why doesn't a hot link to these Deggendorf recods appear on the wiki? I went back to the present and drilled down to the data sets in Europe/Germany/ and in the two sets of Bavaria records and didn't find anything about Deggendorf, only:

Germany, Bavaria, Dinkelsbühl Miscellaneous City Records, 1804-1946

Germany, Bavaria, Nördlingen Miscellaneous City Records, 1400-1943

So where are the browseable Deggendorf records hiding? Why not place a URL hot link to them to open in a new browser window? All this great technology and it's just more convoluted obfuscation to frustrate access.

Deggendorf Miscellaneous City Records Wiki

 The template that appears at the top of the article states:

This article describes a collection of historical records that is scheduled to become available for free online at FamilySearch.

When the collection is published in the link to the collection will appear in the template.

Thank you for your interest.

HoranDM 18:05, 11 February 2012 (UTC)